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  1. Heavy rain and some minor wind gusts in the 15-25 mph range with a flash of lightning and thunder here and there at my location. Given the radar presentation I was expecting worse conditions.
  2. Also had a brief period of small hail earlier at 2:57 pm in Zionsville, PA
  3. Zionsville, PA 36 degrees with light snow Can see on radar where the higher elevations are and the snow is falling. I’m at 800 feet.
  4. 0.4" of snow in Zionsville, PA - Lehigh County at 800' elevation. Temp dropped to 32. Accumulation mostly on non-paved surfaces with some side roads slushy.
  5. Measured 0.9" at 2:00 a.m. with light snow continuing to fall and a temp of 32
  6. 0.4” snow from the squalls this evening. Trees still covered in ice too
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