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  1. How likely will it be that the Pocs will have snow for skiing over the holidays? Do they always have skiing or is it subject to weather? I'm trying to plan a family vacation and the kids are interested in skiing.
  2. I am thankful for the everyone's posts, both forecast and obs. Happy Thanksgiving all!
  3. I just love when wind chills start popping up with regularity on the hourly weather graph. I zoom in on it each morning to see if there's a blue line
  4. Dragon's Milk, a bourbon barrel aged stout clockingvin at 11%. Very tasty!
  5. I feel kinda dumb asking this, but does a jump mean all in on a snow threat or ending one's life because of the lameness of the threat?
  6. I can't tell you just how much this particular thread makes me happy.
  7. Thursday night into Friday morning: how/when/what !?!?!?
  8. This was interesting, at least for the first 6 ounces. Then it got a bit too vanillaey. But it legit tasted like a frosted sugar cookie in beer form.
  9. Welp, if Delaware has a bad winter, it's my fault. I just bought new snow boots.
  10. As the founder of the Weather Service said (I think), if a computer generated map doesn't show it, it ain't true.
  11. Thank God it's the GFS. I wouldn't want to start hating Dover.
  12. Are the temperature departures with respect to the new norms or the not-so-new norms? If it's the new norms, okay. If it's the other, yahoo!
  13. Don't have a station (don't hate me) and cannot report temps, but had fairly heavy frost the past few days. MBY radiates really well down here.
  14. I experienced the time warp, too. My theory is that, as we more and more return to "normal times", the slowing down of times that many of us experienced during the pandemic has come to an end.
  15. It's funny because while I completely WAG'd the severe, I had a hunch that the long stretches of AN interspersed with brief moments of normal would be hard to dislodge and cause a very late first freeze
  16. And so it begins, moderate rain and thunder down here in Middletown.
  17. Any day it's that devoid of people, it's epic regardless of the weather
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