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  1. Got my second Moderna dose. Just in time. I need to fly to Denver a week from tomorrow to root for my daughter's hockey team at the USA Hockey Nationals.
  2. I mostly prefer a balance of malt/hops, so I go for double IPA. New England IPA style is pervasive, so I've tried quite a few and find them pleasant. But in comparison to DIPA, they're a bit dry/happy, so it's hard to have more than one tallboy in a sitting without my mouth getting dry/hoppy. Not sure if I've had a West Coast IPA.
  3. @tombo82685 found your new home for you. Please invite me up there when you get crushed. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3179843072281724&id=1450316215234427
  4. Amazing weather in NW Maryland today. Dry, barely a breeze, mostly sunny, and temps from 68-76. Perfect day for a hike on Mt Catoctin!
  5. It's awfully generous of you to provide such a magnificent deer smorgasbord.
  6. And what was the high 100 years ago? You left that part out.
  7. I went just under an hour before the pharmacy closed. I think that's key.
  8. After registering for wait lists and checking online 30 minutes/day for appointments, I finally scored my first Moderna shot by asking the Walgreens pharmacist at the end of the day if they had any extra.
  9. I'll save everyone some trouble. If this pans out,, here's my first and final call. Cold rain SE of I-95. Wintry mix along I-95 with minor slushy accumulations on elevated surfaces. White rain imneciately northwest of I-95 with advisory type accumulations at best. Places with elevation will receive low ratio snow with advisory level accumulations. I'm with #AllSnow and will root for a torch instead of heavy cold rain.
  10. But be careful to consider the impact it has on the property to which it is drained. Damage to the "drainee" property can raise the risk of Brian's tort liability.
  11. Are you highlighting zero qpf as a good thing or are you saying that the gfs is stupid? It's not clear to me. But then again I'm not in the habit of looking at Cobb data.
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