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  1. It's funny because while I completely WAG'd the severe, I had a hunch that the long stretches of AN interspersed with brief moments of normal would be hard to dislodge and cause a very late first freeze
  2. And so it begins, moderate rain and thunder down here in Middletown.
  3. Any day it's that devoid of people, it's epic regardless of the weather
  4. The 5th bedroom will be listed on AirBnB as "The Heisy".
  5. Very gusty, an amount of moderate rain, and then autumn settled in.
  6. ILG has a wind chill this morning, a wind chill people!
  7. I'm so sorry to hear such sad news. Thank God your brother's issue worked itself out.
  8. But you forgot to correct for the nitrogen compressibility factor, which should take it to 90 on the nose.
  9. Nobody really knows me on this forum and it might be a bit awkward, but I was thinking the same thing so long as there's an outdoor option. We still haven't reached the Covid case peak here in Delaware, so I'm avoiding indoor crowds.
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