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  1. I've heard your reaction to the second shot is worse if you had Covid previous to getting the shot. Has anyone else heard this or is this just another wild rumor running around out there?
  2. The order is already placed for pickup for family dinner tomorrow night. The kids have been notified their electronic devices will be temporarily shut down to keep us all focused on what's really important for 3 periods. Go Flyers!
  3. Thanks for the info @rramblings. Here’s the article I found later that basically says the same thing as the video... https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wnep.com/amp/article/news/local/monroe-county/dcnr-works-to-contain-brush-fire-in-the-poconos/523-a114828f-2bf6-4090-b212-c9ba45fb9b82
  4. Anyone catch any news on a forest fire? This was up towards Promised Land State Park past Mt Pocono this afternoon. There was another, smaller one another 10 miles or so NE. Fire helicopter was bucketing water on it as fast as it could get back and forth.
  5. Completely agree. I can’t find my favorite pumpkin beer anywhere this year (Big Oyster’s Pumpkin Shuckin - tastes like a Sweetzel ginger snap cookie) so I’m trying a bunch of different brews and Whole Hog was very good. If any has seen Big Oyster in the central/upper bucks co. area let me know!
  6. Finally got the hummingbird feeder up at the new house and had a few customers today
  7. The view of a friend of mine from her office in Doylestown Hospital.
  8. No ice cream for Perkasie tonight...
  9. From BucksCountyGovt Twitter: Thankfully no injuries reported.
  10. Just saw the same picture. Not exactly the war zone my mother described on the phone but definitely some damage there. Evidently there was some serious damage to the roof of the daycare on site there as well.
  11. I was checking here for verification of the same thing I just heard. My source said it was multiple cars but she also has a flair for the dramatic, hence my looking for verification.
  12. Eating dinner in LBI and watched a nice little cell pop to our north around 8:00. IMG_1611.MOV
  13. View from Hilltown. Nice thunderhead view from the park.
  14. I try to shoot low in the summer and high in the winter: Highest Temp: 96 Number of days 90+: 29 Number of severe warnings: 145
  15. If you’re looking for a reason to get outside this week is a good opportunity to see the International Space Station in our area. (Attached chart is for Doylestown, PA)
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