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  1. Missing in all directions today imby. Coming off one of the best thunderstorm seasons I could recall, it’s not shocking this year has been boring
  2. Great catch Chubbs! I bet he put up a good fight.
  3. Under warning now for the storms to my west. Amazing what a little bit of sun does this time of the year
  4. 2-3 inches of rain on the euro last night, we violently take!
  5. Looks like the rain/snow line north of Phl on cc in January
  6. How much does Denver have now? DIA 11 but they are east of the city?
  7. I think Denver is going to bust low
  8. Beautiful yesterday. Not looking forward to anything about the rest of the month. At least the talk of spring snow has ended.
  9. Beware of the idea of spring upslope snow @Heisenberg
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