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  1. Solid coating here before the cold. Enjoy the rest of winter. I’m out.
  2. “Quickly goes to RadarScope find above location”
  3. Better banding of 95 now. Will be race now between rates and back edge up here. Officially a coating now 32
  4. Better then nothing before the Barney cold. That’s what I hope to have before this over
  5. Getting a mod burst of snow currently
  6. Next few hours will be the event along 95
  7. rates should pick up along 95 and se as better returns move in from southeast Pa
  8. Worcester definitely having a horrible year so far. Actually outside the mid Atlantic everyone it’s a bit below. If the February pattern comes true it will be light out for even Tombo land
  9. 32 now with snow sticking to Colder surfaces
  10. Snow/rain racing towards the coast now
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