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  1. Nothing more useless then tracking snow during spring ahead, higher sun, and marginal temps. 🤢
  2. Heart this thread! @Rainshadow6.6 I wish it would just torch the rest of the month. This weather is so useless in March ugh.
  3. yeah, the pattern reshuffled for two days just before Christmas 2017. It was enough to melt the snow from the previous week and then we looked a cold frozen ground for a while
  4. Good catch, thought I clicked on March. The site won’t produce a p8 Niña response in March. This is p1, I think a colder second half of March is possible
  5. Beautiful outside! Let’s nuke the pack and move on to fishing
  6. What would you tell him to invest in if he was moving to Mt snowless? Golf clubs? 😝
  7. Weeklies looks blocky to end March and into April sigh
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