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  1. It’s interesting it got worse overnight while it’s own MJO forecast shows it going into phase 7 by December 9. Definitely some conflicting signals going on.
  2. There certainly seems to be a ton of doom and gloom out there regarding December may be wasted. While it is a concern, I think we need to let it play out. Much is being made of the MJO possibly getting stuck in phase 6 for December which is why the negativity about it being mild. As always let’s watch it unfold and hope that we can at least salvage some part of the month that’s cold and snowy.
  3. Eh I wouldn’t go that far in suggesting they look warm for December. Week 4 looked mild but colder after that for Xmas week.
  4. Is this just wishful thinking or is there truth behind this?
  5. Do you mind posting an image of 144 of the EPS? Just wanna compare it to 12z for visual purposes. Thanks
  6. Don’t think that’s going to do anything. If the s/w wants to phase with the TPV it doesn’t matter how cold it gets behind the first wave.
  7. Can anyone provide me with a link to view the ukmet out to 192 hours. TIA
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