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  1. Dumb. That’s my observation for today.
  2. Think anyone joins the 80s club already south of town?
  3. No more complaining about not being in a winter weather advisory. Advisory statements will no longer be issued by 2024. https://twitter.com/mattlanza/status/1367518973923885060?s=21
  4. It's nice leaving for my night class and the sun still being out.
  5. Nothing better then end of driveway piles. Gotta clear out that street in front of it. Makes piles nice and tall lol
  6. Well i think we are finally full rain here. If i had to guess somewhere in the 4-5 range.
  7. Well just had another instance of sleet being 50/50 with warm air pushing in from the west....but 2 mins later back to SN+. This will be another good radar capture.
  8. I should add it is just straight puking right now.
  9. This definitely captures the battle back and forth where I am. Have been solidly SN+ since I stopped the time lapse. IMG_1442.MOV
  10. I've gone from 1 mile plus of visibility to 1/4 mile visibility 4 times now. Moving back towards SN+ now.
  11. This was the first time I did a snow map for family and friends where i did general amounts then said "add 3 where the best banding set up". Mostly cause i was tired of always explaining this exact scenario the past couple of storms. Now i was still low but had i said add another 3-5 i would have been more accurate. I also showed them from the past couple of storms using radar captures of what i meant by "best banding". It worked well, I think, then again I just deal with family and friends and dont have to deal with Angry Al on facebook who didn't get 27" in their back yard and therefor it
  12. Looks like they issued another map at 630. Slightly increasing totals for the extreme western folks.
  13. I think as long as the storm is in the area, nothing really “needs” to show anything this far out. Euro hasn’t really been locked in like it has in past years.
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