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  1. Just measured 7", 44 minutes after 4.5". Feels weird being under the best rates for so long lol... Smaller flakes now, but still coming down strong.
  2. 4.5" of fluffy here. Puking monster flakes, so nice
  3. I think it was 2/4-5. iirc that one was slightly higher totals that 2/10. I'll never forget than NAM run that morning...
  4. someone said it in the forecast thread, when it flips from hvy sleet here it will be pretty epic (dtown/wc area)
  5. Based on radar and current conditions, the next few hours should be pretty chaotic...
  6. Some pretty decent wind gusts sending what sound like walls of sleet against the house as the precip tapers off. Gets your attn!
  7. We've been sleeting fairly hard since around 5:15. Starting to pile up quite a bit
  8. I thought I could run a few errands before it 'got bad'. Too late, roads in chesco are really treacherous. Saw one flipped car and thought I was going to have to push a jetta in front of me up the hill. Time to hunker, folks...
  9. can we make this an obs/banter thread, or is that implied in the title? forecast thread is getting very bantery...
  10. we get another taste of our annual lesson in not counting any chickens prior to hatching...
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