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  1. Wound up with only .67". Don't see anything wrong with my gauge and then I see New Holland just to my west with .75". Seems like a narrow 'drier' slot across western Chesco into eastern Lanco. Glad it's not winter, but I'll take it, I have enough mud.
  2. 28 with widespread frost coming back though Vermont this morning. 41.5 this morning in NW Chesco. Funny in Colebrook, when its a 30% chance of rain it rains all day. When there was a 30% chance of snow showers last night it was a whiff.
  3. Hasn't even been much frost here in Colebrook yet. Had some rime ice Monday at 3200' on Mt. Bunnell out my window. 30% chance of snow showers tonight with a low of 30. Deciduous trees are 70% bare.
  4. Colder down there than up in Colebrook - 43 and light rain here. Temps not moving much today and flakes expected to fly above 2500' tonight. I'm @ 1650'.
  5. Peaked at 78.9 in NW Chesco. DP peaked at 70. Hopefully both values won't be seen again for at least 6 months. Headed to Colebrook Sunday - may see first flakes in the air by Monday with highs in the mid 40's.
  6. Let's not forget the 42nd anniversary of the 3" snowfall in this area with temperatures all day stuck at 33. Seems so impossible in today's climate.
  7. .08" so far with significant marine puke happening.
  8. The cutters will keep our fond memories of humidity alive through the 'cold' season. At least the durations will be short.
  9. .72" of rain along with big time thunder. Stink bugs are bad on warm days, they are looking for winter dwelling. Damn things are amazing, they can go into 6 months of suspended animation, taking no sustenance. Equally annoying is what I presume is the European hornet, never seen so many and they find their way in the house somehow.
  10. 78.4 yesterday, at least the DP stayed under 70 - barely.
  11. Northern command is near the Canadian border and I'll be there the 15th for maybe the rest of the month. High pressure looks like it will suppress the rain to the south (this area) which has been the rule both last summer and this one just past. Moderate drought continues up there with severe drought just to the east in Maine. Meanwhile southern NH has been getting hammered similar to this area.
  12. I'm fine with a warm and hopefully dry October, I've got outdoor painting and a roof installer coming at the northern command. Don't need any 30's and rain.
  13. NW Chesco again selected for an isolated downpour. .53" for the day and still raining lightly. Pushes me to 10.15" for the month.
  14. I'll happily take my 118.6" average for Coos county, NH. Last year was a 'bad' year with only 95". Hoping to see flakes when I go up next month.
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