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  1. I believe that 1962 storm was the one that leveled Assateague Island. There was a housing development under construction that was abandoned. You can still see the street layouts. The beach erosion moved the location of the island.
  2. Some pics from yesterday. Just got back to PA a bit ago.
  3. Don't know about VT, but research your area in NH wrt taxes. Property taxes can vary dramatically from town to town and the view tax is a thing there. I'm in a cheaper town, but am subject to the view tax which adds to your assessment and it at the whim of the assessor. NH is 47th in the country for total taxes paid with no sales or income tax. Undeveloped land can be had for $800-1200 in my area, although they wanted $50K for 20 acres across the road from me. I offered $37500 and they wouldn't take it. The land has no hardwood and a stream running through it with marshland.
  4. Out of the area, but a real mixed bag today in northern NH - periodic heavy snow, IP, and sunshine with winds gusting past 40. A new inch so far today and newly installed snow stake showing 24". Will post pics when I get back. Not a cell phone guy...
  5. Never seen so much IP in the snow pack. Found a solid 2 feet in my driveway when I got here to Colebrook and it seems at least half that is sleet. Also an ice layer near the surface. Won't stay on the shovel. Snow blower throwing it pretty well though.
  6. More like 1, 3 seems unlikely IMO. Not sure where that QPF is going to come from the rest of the way out.
  7. Pretty steady snizzle in NW Chesco. Just shy of 6 inches. 26.5 degrees/DP 22. Would imagine coating to an inch would do it from here on out. Hopefully not here on out for the winter.
  8. Primarily IP here in NW Chesco 24.1 degrees. A little snow mixed in. 5.4" with a foot at the snow stake again.
  9. Snowing heavily, just crossed 4.0" near Pughtown, PA, back up to 11 inches at snow stake, 23.6 degrees.
  10. Valley shade helps a lot. Still not much sun even on the rare occasions when the sun is out. You've got a some southern exposure despite the tall trees. 2.6" and moderate snow still.
  11. 32.7 with a little ice on exposed surfaces, with some drizzle. I guess the Davis is a half a degree too warm.
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