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  1. Red Flag Warning for the whole state of NH and southwest ME today. Apparently Teddy is pulling in a northerly flow to keep humidity in the mid 20's with a gusty wind along with mucho dry fuels from drought. There is a stream across the road that in the spring you could hear rushing from inside the house. I walked in the stream bed keeping my shoes dry yesterday. Heavy frost third morning in a row.
  2. Up here in NH the next week. Tonight: Tonight Patchy frost between 9pm and 4am. Otherwise, increasing clouds, with a low around 26. Northwest wind around 5 mph becoming calm. 51 right now with a stiff NW wind.
  3. Maybe I'll stand on my roof and wave at it going by to my SE while doing my chimney work.
  4. 44.4 this morning NW Chesco, 2 under yesterday.
  5. 525 miles - once I get past Hartford which is the halfway point, my BP drops precipitously. I think the colors are getting serious. For some reason my camera is not responding. It's about an 8.5 hr run.
  6. 30 degrees tonight with a freeze warning in Colebrook. Probably tap the upper 20s when I go up this weekend.
  7. Thanks for the info. Cecily fell victim to this one evening last week after wearing green pants. Thought she would have been familiar with the problem by now. She disappeared from the waist down.
  8. How do they initialize 1/3 through the period and call it a forecast for the month? What a joke...
  9. I'll take .16" from a FFW any time.
  10. .11" so far in NW Chesco - light rain currently
  11. I assumed the chart was the temperature difference from one day to the next - dropping or rising, not necessarily based on any 24 hour period. From CBS 4 in Denver: Monday night an unprecedented cold front sweep into Colorado causing a 62 degree drop from the high of 93 degrees on Monday to the low of 31 degrees on Tuesday. It was the biggest 2 day temperature swing ever recorded in Denver in September.
  12. 3rd greatest 24 hour temperature range since 1872 in DEN and for it to occur in early Sept. is even more dramatic:
  13. Stronger storms tend to recurve sooner as well, while weaker storms can maintain westward progress. The NHC mentions this in their discussion today - I think it was for Paulette.
  14. Looks like Denver will see a 60 degree diurnal range which is about sixth all time. The record is 66 degrees.
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