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  1. I was in PHX back in the 80's and they shut Sky Harbor down when it hit 122 due to insufficient lift. I hiked up Camelback Mtn in Phoenix like the dumbass kid/adult that I was, wondering why no one was on the trails. Did Death Valley a couple times - one time it was 122 in the shade of the car at below sea level Badwater. There is a massive air conditioner in the restaurant at Furnace Creek that was groaning when we went in. The golf course at Furnace Creek provides a local humidity island when they irrigate. Water is plentiful on a couple feet below the surface. Pretty unbeara
  2. .91" in NW Chesco near Pughtown. I'm fine missing inches of rain.
  3. 91.2 in NW Chesco yesterday at the 352' bottomlands.
  4. Yup, I can hear them over the lawn mower engine. I believe there is a fungus attacking them that is causing the carcasses everywhere - thinning the herd.
  5. 91.6 for my 4th 90 of the season after a morning low of 64. Back to 87 with some clouds.
  6. Third 90 of the year here with a cheap 90.2, two prior ones were about the same price. At least we kept the DP in the 60's today.
  7. My annual gripe about the stupid heat wave definition of 3 days greater than or equal to 90 has to go. With the average high now at 88 for nearly the whole month of July, it is even more silly.
  8. Put the air conditioner in up at Colebrook last year to use only for a couple days near Memorial Day last year and never used it again. Same drill this year, only two weeks later.
  9. Peals of thunder, lightning flashes at 50 degrees on May 30. And a steady rain, bringing me to 3.25 inches for this event. I will take this any day over 70+ dew points that will go on seemingly for 3-4 months coming up soon.
  10. 3.13" since this lovely weekend began. Made it up to 50.5 today eclipsing yesterday's 50.3.
  11. I'm befuddled. I've been hearing the record low max is 56 set in 1884 which was broken today. ???
  12. 47.7 this morning, 2.03" total rain so far. Waiting to see if wife wants the wood stove fired up.
  13. It's appearing that the weather isn't fooled by Monday being a holiday rather than a back to work day. Looking not as nice as it did.
  14. Split the uprights here in NW Chesco. .24" of rain, very little wind other than an initial gust, good bit of thunder/lightning. Usually the late days of May perform better.
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