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  1. Reports from the area indicate he left the hotel "at a high rate of speed", and later lost control, hit and rode up the median/ barrier, then barrel-rolled across the opposite lanes and off the other side. Quite a trip but the constant motion (shedding energy) and the airbags probably kept him mostly in one piece. Side note: Use of "the Jaws" or similar tools is now VERY common at accident scenes. Good device to pop a door or sunroof to gain quick access.
  2. Sorry, late post ... Temp 34, wind 0 changed to rain here about 1:15. Now very light rain, diminishing. Edit to add: measurements vary but I'm calling total snow @ 5"
  3. 2 mi SE of Phoenixville... Hard to believe but more than 3.5 in fresh snow on the ground and still snowing like nuts! "Front-end thump", indeed. Temp 32 (up 2 deg in past 2 hrs), wind nil.
  4. 10:05 am.: Temp 31, wind 5-7 (guessing...) from SE. Steady moderate snow, very fine flakes. Cold or untreated surfaces becoming covered. Treated areas remain wet. And a local dog-walker just went by...in shorts!
  5. Time hack- MARK! 9:25am, snow begins. Rate now: light but increasing. PS/ Thanks Mods for the title change!
  6. Hey Admins... a polite request! Could you always make OBS the first word in the title for those of us with small screens? Otherwise, two threads look identical, and confusing. Please and thank you!
  7. Sch. Twp, 2mi SSE of Phoenixville Temp 32 (no melting seen), wind very light. It was slow and deliberate but total 1.0 inch snow for the day. Snow stopped now, very light rain/ sleet falling.
  8. Schuylkill Twp, 2 mi SSE Phoenixville, elevation 150' MSL3:30 p.m. ... 27 deg, wind 0. Very light rain.Slightest new accum before rain started ... now back to 6" (Previous accum of 6.125 in. compressed by sleet) I'm thinking this is pretty much done. Radar shows a couple passing quickie bits later but nothing big.
  9. Sch. Twp, 2 mi SSE Phoenixville1 p.m. ... 25 deg, wind 0. Very little anything falling now Previous accum of 6.125 in. now getting compressed by sleet accum. Sleet/ ice measures ~1 cm / 0.40 inches.
  10. Sch. Twp, 2 mi SSE Phoenixville Noon ... 25 deg, wind 0. All sleet now ... mostly IP with a bit of rain. Accum just over 6 in., perhaps additional 1/8 in (6.125 in).
  11. Friend of mine in eastern Delco just reported all sleet ... and heavy thunder!
  12. Sch. Twp, 2 mi SSE of Phoenixville 11 am: 24 deg, wind nil 6 inches total, all sleet now. About 50-50 rain + IP
  13. 10:00am obs Moderate snow, flake size increased but now back to small-ish. Had a short lull earlier with almost nothing falling. 24 degrees, wind 0 5.625 in. total (5 - 5/8")
  14. Schuylkill Twp, 2 mi. SE of Phoenixville Pa. 9am... 4.5 inches. 23 deg, wind nil. Heavy snow continues
  15. 5 p.m. -- The very lightest rain off-and-on here BUT freezing on contact with untreated surfaces. Ice thickness almost too thin to measure ... just a glaze, but a solid one. Streets are OK but the patio is death on a platter.
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