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  1. Finally got a chance to sit down and play around with my weather data!
  2. East Coventry Township 20200804_122719.mp4
  3. Tornado warning just north of me
  4. I didn't know my weather console came with jokes!
  5. Pivotal Weather has some decent graphics. Not as much detail on the wind as WeatherBell but it's not bad.
  6. I am all set up and online!!! Thansk for all the help in getting this together. Best anniversary ever!!
  7. So we ended up compromising between all of the recommendation and went in between the spots outlined! We decided not to go on the hill but didn't want it on the opposite side of the driveway. It was a family affair of installing the pole today!
  8. Awesome! I think that would make my husband happy. I'm not super concerned with wind measurements but more so interested in temp and rainfall. Wind will be cool to capture but not my top priority. Hoping to get out today to start digging!! I downloaded weatherlink to my desktop yesterday so just have to finish getting everything set up!
  9. Thanks Chris, I ordered the bundle that included WeatherLink. https://www.scientificsales.com/Bundle-Deal-Model-6250-Vantage-Vue-and-6510USB-p/6250-6510usb.htm Yeah I don't think the roof is an option at this time. Maybe later on down the road if I get more serious. I'm mostly trying to satisfy my meteorology geekiness as I'm no longer actively forcasting for the company I work for and have moved into more of an analytical type role. Thankfully I have a super supportive husband that allows me to find other ways of getting my weather fix! The guys at Mount Holly tweeted me today
  10. Thanks Paul! Yeah I'm really concerned about these trees. They are not making this process easy!!! And they are so tall I don't even think installing on the roof is going to help get us above the tree line.
  11. Hey @tombo82685! My weather station is arriving today! (Super fast as I finally got around to ordering it yesterday!!) Next item that I'd like opinions on. I'm attaching images of my property from Google Earth as well as a few pictures that I took this morning from ground level. I have a lot of tall trees, especially in the back yard. So I'm thinking the back yard is out for installation. I have a few options in the front yard: Option A: There is a strip of grass between my driveway and my neighbors. This is probably the most open part of my property without obstructions. I would nee
  12. Just sent the link to the hubby!!!
  13. Thanks Tom, I really like the Vue. I'm leaning towards the bundle with the station + console (for hubby because he isn't techy like me) + weatherlink. Davis has it listed on their site for $595. A quick Google search popped up Boaters Emporium selling it for about $420.
  14. Hey guys! So my hubby wants to buy me an at home weather station for our 12 year wedding anniversary (how romantic!!! 🥰). I'm actually out of the loop on the latest brands and technology so looking for thoughts from you guys. I remember Davis Instruments being one of the top companies during my college years. Found this bundle on Amazon that I'm thinking is in our price range. https://www.amazon.com/Davis-Instruments-Vantage-Weather-Station/dp/B07ZJS3PXB/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=davis+bundle&qid=1595695769&sr=8-1 Really just looking for something to fill my meteorology
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