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  1. After this weekend’s doubleheader I am going to be a full fledged mudaholic.
  2. https://www.wpc.ncep.noaa.gov/html/contract.html#C https://w1.weather.gov/glossary/ I know there are some that are probably not in there like: CCB - Cold Conveyor Belt Fgen-frontogenesis MJO - Madden-Julian Oscillation NAM - Northern Annular Mode (Stratosphere) QPF (Quantitative Precipitation Forecast)- the expected amount of melted precipitation accumulated over a specified time period over a specified area. SPCZ - South Pacific Convergence Zone SSW - Sudden Stratospheric Warming STJ - Sub tropical jet WA
  3. The ascent vs where it fell with the 2/18/-2/19 event was displaced pretty far to the northwest. Best predicted (we can never measure it) fgen forcing was down in Delmarva & SE NJ and also the snow growth area was way high around 500mb.
  4. I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. The GFS with its neverending Barneymania does it at least lead one to think it could be colder than the other guidance? Or don't let the door hit you on the way out, you Plutonian.
  5. This is a brief summary of events in which it snowed in Philadelphia. There were other events where the models/ensembles forecast some snow (nothing major), and none fell at PHL. I will deal with that at the end of the season. Yes I know we can speculate what if all of those bands affected PHL (12/19 they got one) vs going around them. In reality in the bigger picture of the entire Mount Holly CWA, those bands affected a minor percentage of the entire forecast area. So PHL for this season was a closer proxy of the bigger picture than the luckier less. Yes PHL down at sea level and alo
  6. Yup, was thinking of changing my name to snowshadow otherwise.
  7. Our backyard remains about 50% snow covered.
  8. Damn Johnny’s probably not shipping seeds out to the end of March, might have to push that freeze to Memorial Day. 58F for a high today.
  9. Plus it gets better with time and I think this also holds for the South African variant.
  10. I will half refute my own question. This Doctor is great. The videos are short and he just talks about the science. My wife gets her second shot tomorrow (I am scheduled for my first on April 12th).
  11. I violate many prime directives. I start them by the southwest facing guest bedroom window. Yeah they are spindly, but they do straighten out once planted. I just have to net them so no bird decides they are great nesting material. A heating pad or an overhead light is the better way of doing it.
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