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  1. Sorry for being late, but I did the cooking today (let you know tomorrow how everyone is feeling). Happy Mother's Day!!!
  2. They tried this a couple of years ago and did not go thru with it. I am hoping for the same this time. It is nice.
  3. He has been pretty good through this pandemic. He has done a good job of not being either an eternal optimist or forever pessimist.
  4. On the one hand I want to get them started, on the other hand they will just sit there anyway.
  5. Probably could put them in; mull about this afternoon.
  6. I brought our vegetables in. No point in planting (again another May) until the middle of the week passes. 43F was our low.
  7. 00z/8th Ensemble Comparison 5/8-5/23. Normal 850mb temp around +9C. A colder week, a couple/few day warm up; then better expectation of colder vs warmer. GEFS Start Of Teleconnection Fcst Skill: NAO Day 9; PNA Day 10.5; AO Day 13.5 Recent Verification Tendency: AO, NAO more negative, PNA more positive (all colder) GEFS: (shorter) Below normal 850mb temp anomalies thru May 9th, above normal anomalies May 10th, (colder longer) below normal anomalies into May 17th, above normal anomalies May 18th & May 19th, below normal anomalies May 20th thru May 23rd, backdo
  8. JamieO, I haven't really looked beyond the upcoming week. I have been remiss between working again and trying to get the garden ready. I was going to take a look tomorrow morning. It gets to the point though once the second half of May rolls around one almost prefers a cooler pattern to start prevailing.
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