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  1. Echoing Tom, better chance at Thunderstorms today/this evening than Father's Day.
  2. Koepka came close to playing with DeChambeau tomorrow.
  3. PHL has had 6 days of 90F or greater, I don't believe there has been a tornado warning yet and the figs are still alive (hosting lantern fly nymph parties).
  4. Silly me thinking this new version of the GFS might not go off on this tangent. Think again Tony. Anyway here is the start. Because meteostar is now an additional pay wall site, these will be off of Wxbell's. 6/17/12z.......101F on 6/29. 6/18/06z......100F on 7/1 & 7/2 Last year's results:
  5. 79F/50F in Mount Laurel, it don't get much better than this!
  6. 00z/16th Ensemble Comparison 6/16-7/1. Normal 850mb temp around +14C. Enjoy Cooler Stretches Next 7-8 Days, After That Who Knows. GEFS Start Of Teleconnection Fcst Skill: NAO Day 7.5; PNA Day 8; AO Day 8.5 Recent Verification Tendency: PNA & AO more positive, NAO neutral. GEFS: (Longer) Below normal 850mb temp anomalies into Jun 18th, above normal anomalies Jun 19th, near normal anomalies Jun 20th, above normal anomalies Jun 21st & 22nd, below normal anomalies Jun 23rd, near normal anomalies Jun 24th, (welcome to GEFS summer default) above normal anomalies
  7. After this pleasant mid week interlude it will warm again for the weekend. A weakening "cold" front passage on Saturday might bring some showers and thunderstorms that afternoon and night. Sunday does not look much cooler, might even be warmer. There will be 90s floating around. It looks like our next shot of pleasanter weather will have to wait for the not named yet tropical system in the Gulf to (predicted) exit the east coast first part of next week.
  8. I see the Euro has not lost its touch to intensify these tropical systems after landfall.
  9. Here is to the GFS defaulting to its typical let's have a run at 100 summer bias. The EPS has been looking ok as far as totally intolerable weather, although there should be at least one 90F day around Father's Day.
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