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  1. This has all the makings of a Shakespearean play. You have the once nefarious tropical system coming ashore in the Gulf Of Mexico (why not make it landfall through Louisiana because its been weeks since they have had anything tropical), it's storied transformation to an extratropical system. You have the GFS & Para GFS doling out double digit snows in upstate NY & New England as if it were Halloween (That is Saturday night gents, not Thursday night.). You have the hero of the play, King Euro, suddenly afflicted with his worst case of slowitis since the 16th century. You have his tr
  2. Eventually one of these purple la la land thicknesses will verify.
  3. While snowing in October (somewhere in PHI CWA) seems to have merit in el nino winters, measurable snows (PHL) at or before Thanksgiving in November has been universally a negative.
  4. On the plus side no need to fear of losing your cyber snowstorms with the next generation GFS:
  5. 00z/16th Ensemble Comparison 10/16-10/31. Normal 850mb temp around +6C. GEFS: Above normal 850mb temp anomalies into Oct 24th (four days longer), then below normal anomalies Oct 25th thru the end of its run on the 31st. GEPS: Above normal 850mb temp anomalies into October 30th and then below normal 850mb temp anomalies on October 31st. EPS: Above normal 850mb temp anomalies into October 27th (one day longer) and then below normal 850mb temp anomalies October 27th through the end of its run on October 30th. 00z/19th Ensemble Comparison 10/19-11/3. Normal
  6. We went through three seasons in Brigantine yesterday, dense fog, summer like warmth and then the stratus/fog started to roll back in on our last hole at 3:30 pm. Back in Mount Laurel this morning, it is pretty foggy again. We reached 78F yesterday here. We talk about October getting warmer and wetter, it doesn't seem to be as foggy as it once was either. This is observational by me, we don't seem to get as many of those radiational thick fog nights. Not this way anyway, because of high dew points.
  7. I think I found a house that would out Tom Tom at Christmas if it does for Christmas what it does for Halloween...
  8. No. It ended about 12 feet from the hole. The course was surprisingly wet for 0.25"-0.33" rain. I was so excited about where it landed (I'd like to think --->) I forgot to clean the mud off the ball.
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