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  1. Here is the October temp / winter temp relationship over the past 30 years. By removing the 1990-91, warm October, warm Winter, the warm relationship weakened again. It looks like in the what have you done for us lately the cooler October has more meaning than a warmer October.
  2. @mshaffer526 & @gravitywave98, remember when I said well at least I will putt better on Monday. Scratch that 38 putts, four 3 putts, I wasn’t erratic today, I just stunk. Yeah they were slow again for them at Deerwood.
  3. I know a few people on here that wouldn't want 12 months of this (maybe 9 months of this), but at my age I'll take it.
  4. What is good for Florida (or any state for that matter), is good for everyone. What a turnaround from the summer.
  5. I don’t think at this point even I can jinx us.
  6. Today's 90 hours of consecutive measurable precipitation ( or if you prefer 30 consecutive 3hr periods) at Georgetown Delaware is brought to you by Perdue Chickens, our feathers never get ruffled when the GFS does this....
  7. A fun time was had by one and all. Personally great to play with Derek & Matt, we planned on saving our putts for another day. We got to meet @snowlurker and Tom virtually phoned it in on the 19th hole. Picture is Charlie & Snowlurker (Chris) & some other guy in the parking lot. Charlie is proudly displaying the @Sublimation, Tony Wood book he won by correctly guessing, I mean forecasting the number of 90 degree days In PHL this year. We know this outing was a tougher one with Tom in transition and also earlier than our typical time. Next fall Tom (who will be there) was talking ab
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