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  1. 00z/23rd Ensemble Comparison 7/23-8/7. Normal 850mb temp around +15C. One Is Not Like The Others... Without wishcasting this, the teleconnection skill beyond week 1 is the poorest I have snapshot seen all year. This period is a conflict between a predicted Rockies heat ridge and misplaced PV into Canada (Hudson Bay no less for a while). So toward the end of next week the ensembles have all different solutions as to who will win. @Chubbs posted the eastward ridging bias and while I don't verify it, I will go with consistency with it. So naturally I am tossing the more
  2. Verification in parentheses GFS 6/17/12z.......101F (95F) on 6/29 6/18/06z......100F (86F) on 7/1 & 100F (79F) on 7/2 6/25/06z.....101F (89F) on 7/9 7/1/12z........100F (94F) on 7/16 7/4/06z......100F (80F) on 7/18 7/14/06z....100F on 7/26 Honorable Mentions 6/23/18z......99F (96F) on 7/7 6/25/06z.....99F (95F) on 6/29 6/25/12z......99F (97F) on 6/30 6/27/18z......99F (88F) on 7/11 & 99F (93F) on 7/12 7/8/18z........99F on 7/23 ECMWF: 7/20/12z......101F on 7/29
  3. Fig harvesting has been going on for about a week already.
  4. Another new summer norm, smoke from western wildfires.
  5. Still looking better at the end of this week. Those upper 80s next week could turn into 90s.
  6. 1.69" here in Mount Laurel. That storm cranked northeast of us.
  7. There may be some reporting issues with this mapo. Not sure if it is complete.
  8. The crow gets to live another day. This is the past two weeks. I could post the past year, same bias.
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