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  1. It’s just fascinating that the Euro ENS have 20 blistering hits … straight hot pink to whitish green from DC to TTN/NYC out of 50 individual members, which I believe is 10”+ and the mean is like 4-6” for the 95 corridor and we’re talking about getting a whiff in favor of the South and East. With all the energy all over the global models … could there be issues with how the models are handling the various SWs or is there enough data to consider the S&E trend “locking in?” Asking only because I just changed the tires and oil on my Ariens snowblower
  2. Don’t we always hear the “weenie phrase” better to be S & E to allow for N-NW adjustments? And with all the splintered SW energy moving around aren’t we going to be a bit blind on the upper air evolution until game time … practically?
  3. Sniff sniff … all over on the DE/PA line. Temp rose rapidly to 32F. straight IP with ZR mixing Almost 2” front end thump. Hockessin DE 32F
  4. Silver dollar flakes … rakeage flakeage … 29F and a nice warm fire and football. Damn shame it’s gonna rain. Hockessin DE 29F/76% RH 1026 mb BP
  5. 3-4” total. Uncompacted. Pretty scene. Hockessin, DE. currently 28F
  6. Real “overperformer” literally 20-30 miles from snobilteration!
  7. Solid Flakeage …. And so it begins temp 35 F RH 71% pressure 1033 mb
  8. 46F. Breezy 11 mph NNW. RH 73% Pressure 1027 and falling Hockessin DE
  9. Under those red echoes .... ice cubes falling from the sky Hockessin, DE 3.5” + glacier
  10. 27/16.8 F heavy SNEET! 1.5” ground truth Hockessin, DE work actually called me off
  11. 33F Hockessin DE Fatties getting puked. Roads caved
  12. 2 different spots. Looks between 8-9” We sleeted for all of Sunday night so there’s a lot of compression. Almost 2” in the last 12 hours per my flat snow board. 35F light to moderate snow falling. Just beautiful! What a storm! Hockessin DE
  13. Gorgeous scene out this morning off the back deck. Tombo your call of 7-14” for IMBY was spot on... you weather god! Hockessin DE 32F, light snow, 9”-10” OTG.
  14. 33F. Hockessin, DE. Still getting some flakeage. Almost 8”
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