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  1. Confirmed EF-3. Peak winds 150 Public Information Statement National Weather Service Mount Holly NJ 655 PM EDT Thu Sep 2 2021 ...7 CONFIRMED TORNADOES SO FAR... ...DAMAGE SURVEYS CONTINUE... .Update...Update to include survey results for Harrisonville-Mullica Hill- Deptford tornado. The National Weather Service office in Mount Holly, NJ continues to conduct several storm surveys this afternoon. The surveys are in relation to the severe thunderstorms that moved through the area on September 1, 2021. Some Preliminary Tornado Information... 1) Mullica Hil
  2. Kids are having their first at home FID day today already on day#4 of this school year
  3. taking my boat there this weekend, hope everyone is ok. Such a beautiful town!
  4. This does not look good at all. Everybody be safe out there, take these storms seriously!
  5. Torrential downpour at my office near Essington. must have been 5"/hr rates for about 10 minutes.
  6. Not a drop in Chadds Ford. To think just 50 miles to the northeast people got over 8" of rain
  7. Received my first Pfizer dose on March 31st w/ zero issues other than very minor arm soreness similar to the flu shot. Second dose in next weds! Can't wait!
  8. The deer that live in the woods at my house and feed in my yard over the years have learned to eat absolutely everything. I planted junipers, cryptomeria, holly bushes and everything that is supposed to be "deer resistant" and there is literally nothing they won't nibble on. These deer will even enter my landscape beds and eat the flowers right out of my pots that are up 3 steps near our front door!
  9. Supposed to bring my boat up the Chesapeake from Annapolis next friday so you can guarantee it's going to be be cold and nasty.
  10. I despise any March snow outside of week 1. Once the 60s roll around next week we will all be ready to break out the shorts and the grills!
  11. Rain at office in Essington and still snowing heavily at home in Chadds Ford. Per wife about 3” there
  12. Monday if you see snow it’ll be the topper on the cake this winter provided, then we welcome spring quickly I hope.
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