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  1. Had a few lazy flurries in the air as I was getting home from my buddy’s house a little after midnight. Nice to see a few folks had a light accumulation ☃️
  2. Kind of a tradition for me to open one of these after spending the day covering the house in Christmas lights.
  3. If I could change one thing about the weather in this area (besides more snow) - it would be less freaking WIND. Really great putting up Christmas lights in this crap 😬. Rant over.
  4. Picked up a six pack of this just because - actually not too bad if you like a hazy ipa
  5. Down in the Outer Banks for the week. Beautiful fall weather now after after a miserable weekend. 40-55mph wind consistently from Saturday evening through Sunday evening. The beaches took a beating. Some really good surf fishing after the storm passed.
  6. thats awesome! I think I live in one of the more "boring" neighborhoods in my area and more people go to other more crowded areas nearby. Nice night for a few drinks thought - I agree with you there!
  7. Had some heavy showers right at the start of trick or treating for my area and far less trick or treaters than last year (surprising considering Covid and such). Man, Halloween seemed different in the 90s when I was trick or treating. Otherwise - nice fall night out there now.
  8. Buckets of rain, lots of close lightning, and some pretty darn impressive wind with that storm. Storm got warned as it was basically on top of me.
  9. Pretty decent rainbow after a heavy shower this evening. Caught a glimpse as I was coming out of the store.
  10. Quite the light show all of a sudden out here. Let’s see if the storm can hold it together
  11. Ah yes you’re probably right. I haven’t been following quite as closely since Wednesday’s events. Had enough time to get some early grilling in today so no real complaints.
  12. Wetter than advertised for us southern areas, yes?
  13. Counting our blessings tonight. Perfect weather, family, fire, and some Cape May City to Shore Double IPA.
  14. right before we ducked for cover Video(3).mov
  15. this is unreal - what part of the country do we live in again? Hope everyone is safe out here
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