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  1. On the topic of moving for snow/cold or heat etc.....I have been fortunate and have had and continue to have the ability to live anywhere I choose and still work like I do. Even with that choice...there is absolutely nowhere else I would ever live or move to than where I live today! I absolutely love the variability and inconsistency of the weather right here!! I would be bored to live where it is either consistently warm and sunny.... or cold and snowy. I choose and love exactly where we live. That said I can totally understand and respect/admire folks that.... if your passion is for sun and
  2. I have always said if I was a person who wanted to actually move for snow....I would choose Worcester MA in a heartbeat!
  3. Of note today on average is the coldest day of the year here in Western Chester County....with that said today's average temperature of 16.7 is the 13th coldest January 21st with records back to 1894
  4. We can of course agree to disagree....should be interesting to track!
  5. I will tell you what....just looking at maps not upper air, qpf or snow output - on the Euro 12z you put a 988 low where that is off Cape May and I would bet a significant snowstorm N and W of I95....
  6. Beautiful evening with clearing skies here in NW Chesco...while down the shore in Sea Isle - snow continues and temps now below freezing
  7. We are now at 124% of normal January snowfall through today and 59% through season to date average snow to date
  8. 0.3" of snow so far from our 3rd winter "event" of the month here in East Nantmeal Twp
  9. Driveway and roads here in East Nantmeal starting to cave with a temp down to 32.1 Jan 20 clip 2.mp4
  10. Snowing moderately here now as we see some returns picking up across NW Chesco
  11. Snow coming down steadily here in East Nantmeal all non-paved surfaces are covered temp 32.4
  12. Hopefully they get out there as soon as this stops....temp down to 32.4 here and snow is picking up a bit in intensity
  13. Down to 32.8 here in East Nantmeal with steady snow - I did notice when driving my son to school lots of puddles with patchy snow/ice piles still on the sides of the road....as temps drop later could be something to watch out for....
  14. Changing to snow here now = temp at 33.8
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