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  1. 0.15" here in East Nantmeal - down the shore pre-frontal beauty of a day with a land breeze already touched 80 there!
  2. This AM's low of 51.2 was our lowest since the 50.3 on June 23rd
  3. A strong line of thunderstorms is developing across Western Chester County PA - temperatures will drop about 10 degrees behind the line as the cold front passes off to the east
  4. Highest wind gust here 26mph since March 26 - rain just 2 miles west of East Nantmeal - WXSIM shows 2.15" of rain today.
  5. Some steady showers have moved NW off the ocean and into the Sea Isle City area this late PM
  6. Barely touched the 50's (59.8) here this AM across the peaks of the Welsh Mountain anticline
  7. Just a few miles from you only .04 with a sun shower....the epitome of hit or miss showers...you hit!!
  8. As someone much smarter than me once said "even if you dislike the man - please respect the office" - President Trump was of course our duly elected Commander in Chief who received more votes in the 2020 election than any human not to be elected President. Let's try to keep politics out of this and simply respect the office of our duly elected Presidents!
  9. My wife is a pharmacist and struggled long and hard with the side effect profile of this vaccine. Her job is writing package inserts for pharmaceutical companies and she is painfully aware and focuses on each and every side effect and constantly talks about the risk/benefit of all drugs. Her biggest concern with specifically the Pfizer vaccine was the side effect profile....even though not deadly or anything like that she found the incidence of that "bad day" following the 2nd shot to be concerning. She still worries about the long term implications of this technology. This has nothing to do w
  10. With ABE above for the first time we have been able to actually see how the actual data was adjusted. The data you used above for ABE was sourced from the NWS COOP data from the ABE Gas Company from 1912-1938. The ABE airport then took over the official reports through today. So, when I looked at the data in the ABE raw data file I could see where in the daily observations they began to make adjustments (usually chilling down the nigh time lows) to chill down the period - adjustments downward were main for all 27 years between 1912 through 1938....with the largest adjustments were applied betw
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