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  1. Our low in NW Chester County of 31.3 marks our 4th latest freeze in the last 20 years - the latest during that time frame was just last year with the last freeze on May 10th....looks like our cooling cycle maybe starting early.....
  2. Briefly heavy rain with hail (small diameter) along with thunder and lightning - high wind gust 16mph Temp down to 63.8 on VP but already at 59.4 on Tempest up on roof
  3. Line of showers and front just 2.8 miles west of me here in East Nantmeal Twp - currently cloudy and breezy temp 67.0 high was 67.6 - briefly lost power about 30 minutes ago as is the norm in these parts....generator kicked on and 5 minutes later full power
  4. April 14th was the last day the average low temperature falls below 40 degrees until October 28th. This morning's low was 38.2
  5. Great article on the fact that while we can argue about the exact % of scientist who believe in the man made climate change theory....it is of course as this article clearly opines....the theory is not at all a scientific fact at this point - that cannot be disputed. Fact the world is round - made made climate change absolutely not fact. https://www.sctimes.com/story/opinion/2019/07/03/science-settled-global-warming/1630013001/
  6. Climate change is of course a fact and real....man made or being the main cause is of course not a fact - just a hypothesis - and not even sure a vast majority agree with said hypothesis https://www.fraserinstitute.org/article/putting-the-con-in-consensus-not-only-is-there-no-97-per-cent-consensus-among-climate-scientists-many-misunderstand-core-issues
  7. It will run it's normal course as our changing climate always has.....when the return to colder occurs of course none of us can predict....
  8. Winter weather analysis for Chester County PA. Dec-March months since 1894. Our current cycle of warming has produced 7 of the warmest winters since 2000...including the top 3. Conversely, it has also delivered 3 of the coldest winters since 2000. When will the next colder cycle start?
  9. Only 0.59" here in NW Chesco but far enough inland to get our temps up to 65.2 on the Davis VP and 65.5 on the Tempest. Marine issues kept SIC down the shore in the 50's all day with some more fog rolling in as is often the case in April on the beaches of SJ
  10. Quite the difference between here and Southern Chesco - only .02" here. Little bit of sun and DPs up in the upper 50's now - also seeing some fog starting to roll in off the chilly ocean down the shore in SIC
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