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  1. Not much happened here in Lionville earlier. Most we got was heavy rain. No wind, no hail, barely any lightning other than an occasional rumble or two of thunder. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Haha I'm going to the Eagles on Sunday with my dad, 3 rows from the end zone! Already ready to dress in layers. We already bought our ponchos lol!
  3. Thanks I appreciate it! I know a little bit about weather, but not too much, so I appreciate the humble response. I took a meteorology class back in college around 2008, so I know a little, but I'm not an expert, so thank you!
  4. I have tickets for Hersheypark that I only am able to use either this weekend or the following Saturday. I'd prefer to go this Sunday but as of now, it seems like Monday looks like the best weather day for Hershey. The weekend of Sep 9 and Sep 10 I'm trying to avoid since my World Team Tennis team has a playoff match for the championship on Sun Sep 10 in West Chester. Don't know if this is the right place to ask this question, but does anyone think chances of rain will keep decreasing for Labor Day Sunday or will Labor Day Monday probably be the ideal day for Hersheypark? Thanks!
  5. Yeah I was watching radar after the initial line came through, and the majority of the lightning show was dark green. Usually when it's dark green it's just heavy rain. It was weird, but like a lot of things, anything can happen with the weather.
  6. About 30 minutes ago, there was an intense light show, much more frequently than when the initial line of storms came through Downingtown/Lionville area. The initial line was less windy than I thought it would be. I saw a big shelf cloud though in the distance. But the lightning has basically died down completely now. For a while though, it looked like the Battle of Hogwarts from Harry Potter haha. Just a little light rain now and nothing bad. The people at the Phillies game might be there a while though still haha. Let's bring on the comfortable weather now .
  7. Oh and by the way, I've followed this blog since about March 2013. I miss the blogspot entries, but I understand that you guys have lives too. This site is a decent replacement. I always notice the Abominable Snow Monster avatar you got. Reminds me of last winter. I don't know what to think about this upcoming winter honestly. I'm going to check out the one forum I saw on another section about that. It's always accurate on here, so I trust whatever's on here haha.
  8. Thanks Tom! I appreciate it. It doesn't sound like the bow echo we had a week or two ago. But then again it's a few days out. The weather's the weather, so I'm just enjoying the free ride haha.
  9. Golfed today at Ingleside Chester County. It was very comfortable weather to play in. I was even able to wear long khakis instead of shorts, and still not feel exhausted. Got my game in before the humidity comes. The course was in better shape than it was when I played there in May.
  10. I've been hearing about a system that might slide through our region on Thursday. Does anybody have thoughts on that a few days out?
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