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  1. Trenton’s records are in Threadex now http://threadex.rcc-acis.org/ The last time it got to the 40s in July there was 1988. However, the last time in the 40s in June was just two years ago.
  2. There's some species, not sure what, which chirps its head off at like 1 or 2 AM. Its been annoying the hell out of me at work during my last set of mids last week.
  3. Actually no. Drizzle is defined by drop size. So, yes, you can get "heavy drizzle" but its quite rare.
  4. A lot of things can be planted at almost any time of year, but require more attention at certain times due to the demands of the plant. Particularly in summer, water needs are much higher for new plantings.
  5. Some mangled flakes with the rain back home in Ewing. Epic.
  6. One of the colder, for sure, though there have been days in May where it never got out of the 40s at ACY. However, its been 25 years since that happened. Most of them were before 1980.
  7. If its not accumulating then I kinda agree I suppose. But I remember once having snow on April 18th when I was in high school (an inch an a half as I recall), which was pretty cool. We also had nearly 2 inches on May 7th out in Elko two days before I moved away, which was also pretty cool. 😉
  8. 29.5 in Ewing at the 'rents. 28 at TTN is a new record for the date. In my back yard in NoVa it was 30, which is the coldest temp since March 16th.
  9. It’s the same with rain... a few sprinkles counts as trace, whether it actually wet the ground or not.
  10. Looked thru the numbers, and it appears the Trenton area is possibly getting their least snowy winter in 101 years if it doesn’t snow again... weakest season was 1918-1919 at 2.0”, 1972-1973 was 3.3”... my parents are at 2.9” presently.
  11. PHL traced KPHL 281954Z 23014KT 10SM BKN045 BKN055 OVC070 04/M06 A2984 RMK AO2 SNB1859E11 SLP103 P0000 T00441056=
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