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  1. Somehow everyone still thinks weather prediction is supposed to be absolute. Probably because the media companies pretty much keep saying it is (but only theirs!)
  2. I'm not sure whether to thank those winds or curse them. Bottomed out at 6F or so, so it turned out not to be a "near zero night" this year (finally one out of 3), but only missed on technicality due to the high winds....which kept the house quite frosty anyway. It didn't freeze the plumbing though so it's quite miraculous! Regarding today's event....I still don't understand what to expect for the commute at this point. When I read the forecast everything about it says "everything should shut down early" yet everything is going about it like it's just another day. Reason to flee, or trea
  3. Eh, your expectations are usually good enough At least you're allowed to be wrong now! (And glad you're still on the boards!)
  4. Thanks, all! Not surprising the winter itself is so warm to average given how warm December was. Feb, it'll be interesting to see where the numbers fall this weekend and where that places our average to date versus the warm start. Tony: Would it be inappropriate to break into a rendition of "You Are My Sunshine?"
  5. It's not a bad journalism issue specifically or a response to JamieO's post directly, but one thing mentioned in that letter is something I've liked to point out from time to time to the guys here because it hits on something that, although I think you guys kind of tend to reject it whenever it comes up, but the perception that the public has (and the public absolutely does have this perception) that NWS doesn't know what it's doing, is very real, and is still directly tied to the way NWS releases weather information and warnings. And I know I'm aiming this at Tony a little (sorry!) since
  6. So what was the real tally for the average temp & departure from norm for Jan? I apparently missed Tom's usual posting with the month-end stats And, with this weekend in the outlook, any guesses on where Feb ends?
  7. Well, the political silliness (grotesqueness?) of that topic aside, and the potential actual trouble some of our gag-order force-fed members here could probably get into just listening to any conversation on it, I'll add only that, of COURSE the climate changes, otherwise we'd still be a volcanic ashen planet (or a gigantic glacier planet....take your pick) Politicized hair splitting over whether someone's lawnmower is making it hotter is, in that context, simply amazing that it's even a serious topic. My personal trend of interest (and extreme personal worry) is aside from those longer
  8. I don't know what the numbers were, but I'd presume that doesn't mean it was cold to that depth, rather than sustained below freezing cold for a time period. I'm referring more specifically to the near-to-below-zero lows that have become this recent annual anomaly the past 3 years. Yes, I know the charts of the 10 coldest lows all of which were even colder, but they weren't back-to-back annually, they're scattered as stray events. I was more interested in the idea that it's appearing as a pattern now and why that would be so.
  9. Actually that's a secondary question: Why is it that suddenly SUCH cold air is now an annual occurrence when it was extremely rare prior? The past two years I know it was that super ridge out west...but why now? Is this part of a more permanent pattern now? Random (exceedingly freakish?) coincidence?
  10. LOL, you know me! Nah, if the snow was still up there through the weekend deep freeze while we looked at whatever the Monday/Tuesday event turns out to be, that would have been pretty worrying. For now the paper bag is on hand for the near-zero lows over the weekend. There goes the plumbing. Again. I figured this year we'd be spared the near-zero lows. It was almost unheard of, and then suddenly, every year. At least it's only one this time rather than 2 weeks of it! But I'm sick of racing to Home Depot in single digit temps 10 minutes before they close for plumbing hardware a
  11. So, with the cloudy skies, and this being the last above freezing day for a while, what are the odds we can get the snow off the trees & power lines today? As of now they are massively loaded. If we were to get any ice, we'd repeat 2014. There's not actually that much snow on the ground from yesterday, but everything that COULD cling to trees and power lines IS clinging to trees and power lines!
  12. The shovels fall apart whenever you use them. Doesn't matter if they're cheap or expensive ones, the bolts and rivets just loosen whenever you have to hoist 1.5 tons of ice-chunk-boulders the plows leave behind every single storm. They're disposable. WIth the additional accumulations increasing, is that additional QPF or fluffier snow the wet cement expected?
  13. Of course its in the warning, but that doesn't really cover the extend or comparison of outages to what degree. That makes a HUGE diference in terms of what to expect based on how widespred it should be -week long outages like Sandy and ice '14 are different than day or two long outages. Extended power outages in winter conditions are utterly catastrophic to anyone involved....I'm still amazed there's not a more specific threat level identified with storms for the public. "Numerous outages" is pretty vague. It sounds fairly spotty versus "most people will not have power" such the result
  14. I wasn't as extensively worried about the power outages this time. I mean, Sandy, Irene, Ice '14 level? Less? And why wouldn't EVERYONE be in a complete panic about the threat of lengthy repair times for extensive power outages in winter? That part I never understand. Everyone freezes to death at the same temperature.
  15. You guys are talking about power outages etc - obviously, but again, HOW extensive compared to other storms is that probability inland? Ice storm or less? I.E. Power goes out for more than a few hours, some of us are entirely screwed. No heat, no food, no water, nothing. Might as well tie a plastic bag on our heads. Edit: And that's accompanied by the "how heavy/wet vs light" should the snow be in different areas?
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