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  1. I can't answer your question in detail, but we can assume that all measurements were non-digital until after WW2 and there are a range of other station changes that can impact measurements. The blog article describes a couple of systematic cooling biases in US measurements. Note that automated software works well to identify and correct any individual site issues. https://judithcurry.com/2015/02/22/understanding-time-of-observation-bias/
  2. Good to hear. Considering the lead, last 4 euro runs are reasonably consistent.
  3. 0.42", down to 37.0 from 43.7 high overnight, 52.3 high yesterday
  4. ukie, para have some light snow. Tough for a bigger event unless north and south stream hook up better.
  5. Don't see much change overnight. Weak wave friday that reinforces cold air. Then plenty of uncertainty on system coming out of southwest around day 10.
  6. Here is the old Coatesville data compared to the regional temperature series. The oldest Coatesville data was collected with a mercury thermometer in an inadequate shelter. Daily max/min depend on when the thermometer was checked. That is the way things were done back then. Not directly comparable to modern digital measurements.
  7. PHL is fine, very stable. Agrees perfectly with the Coatesville2/KMQS data since 1984. In comparison your data is not stable: multiple sites, different elevations, different equipment, shelters etc.
  8. Here are the 1998-2020 anomalies for enant, kmqs and phl. All 3 move together for the most past. Phl and kmqs are very close for most years. Interestingly, in cases where kmqs and phl disagree, Enant can often help flag the inaccurate data. KMQS was probably too cold in 2008+2009 and too warm in 2004, 2011 and 2012. Compared to the other 2 sites, ENant is warmer to start, colder in the middle, and a little warmer to end. Were there any changes in siting or equipment to explain the differences?
  9. My peeps sent me this - no wonder they were excited https://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/weather/stories-weather/why-does-the-polar-vortex-affect-philly-explained-in-5-steps/2669051/
  10. man that is slow to eject - would end up raining day 11-12.
  11. there is room on the ledge, but the pit may have to be enlarged😂
  12. Wouldn't say we were due, but that would be the period to look for an archambault storm
  13. GEM gets a system out of SW GEM is a better run than gfs. Fairly close with day 8-9 system also.
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