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  1. Can we still expect a turn back to snow based on the radar and dynamics? It would be a bonus to get some padding but I don’t want to be greedy!
  2. It was great to see the snow make it's return and follow along with everyone's expertise! Definitely a bonus to have a few inches on the Christmas lights. Thanks for keeping us informed and sharing your knowledge!
  3. Hey guys! How heavy does the rain look for late morning tomorrow? From what I am seeing it looks like it going to be heaviest later in the afternoon to Friday.
  4. A few tenths of an inch in Center City but it was still nice to get our first measurable of the season here. And the pup got to eat some
  5. How is the timing of the precipitation holding? Is this still looking to come mostly in the evening? And is it realistically looking like NJ beaches will get a great snow total?
  6. Jumping in a little late here because I’m in Miami for the Birds game How is timing looking for this on Monday?
  7. Nice to see the first flakes of the season! Some mood flakes coming down in Rittenhouse.
  8. Still mostly sleet in CC. I am going to chug a beer.
  9. You are right. All snow 18 floors up in CC and it is starting to cover the deck.
  10. I know the temperature gradients are tights for some of our area. Does this look like an all rain event for the beach? Particularly around ACY?
  11. 2.7 in CC. Small flakes still coming down steadily. The 3 pound pup hates it
  12. Are things still looking like rush hour will be fine? There are light flurries coming down in Center City right now but I am wondering if we could expect it to pickup before 7pm.
  13. Center City has a steady light snow quickly covering.
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