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  1. And our obligatory Dec 5 threat makes its appearance. Love it.
  2. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t seeing things lol. I looked at Hrrr to and it’s starting every model run way too far west every hour.
  3. Line seems to be moving though much quicker than modeled no? Looks like it’ll be out of here by 2/3.
  4. 676 in Philly. For anyone that doesn’t know, that’s a 20 foot drop from that sign to the road beneath.
  5. The bottom of Hanover Pointe right now. This is exactly why I bought my house at the top of our entire development. All of those houses basements are completely under water right now.
  6. Seeing some videos pop up on Facebook about the flooding in York. Pretty ridiculous videos, can’t find any Twitter links to post but if anyone can find those videos to post here that would be awesome. Route 30 was essentially under water.
  7. It really is incredible this is looking to be all frozen when 2 days ago this was a raging rainstorm lol.
  8. I remember my chase to Binghamton for that 2019 storm man. Forecasted 24-30” and we even wound up flipping and I only got a foot. I was pissed lol
  9. Gfs pretty damn identical to 06z. Maybe we finally start seeing some stability.
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