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  1. It really is incredible this is looking to be all frozen when 2 days ago this was a raging rainstorm lol.
  2. I remember my chase to Binghamton for that 2019 storm man. Forecasted 24-30” and we even wound up flipping and I only got a foot. I was pissed lol
  3. Gfs pretty damn identical to 06z. Maybe we finally start seeing some stability.
  4. Can’t really ask for a better trend from gfs heading into the weekend IMO. One more bump and this is a MECS.
  5. 3k showing the nw jackpot I’m thinking. Just nw of 95.
  6. Still think we see that nw shift tomorrow that winds up putting that band just NW of 95 like it always is lol.
  7. Wow what a NAM run. And this is only 60+ hours away. Incredible how much this feels like 13-14 winter where as we got closer storms just blew up.
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