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  1. What exactly led to the 93-94 season being so active and wintry? If memory serves me correctly, wasn't the PNA negative that year as well?
  2. Yes, and also your neck of PA probably needs to see a wetter pattern soon before summer sets in, as per the USGS stream flow map.
  3. I will say, given the models, if I were Heisenberg living here and not me, I'd take the 10 minute drive up the Allegheny Front to 2200' at 3 am Saturday morning to see what I can see (probably raccoons, coyotes, and maybe some mangled flakes). This weather is not great for central PA tomatoes, Tony. I know it lasts well into next week, anyone have ideas when we pull out of it? I see Accuweather Pro's long-range blog seems to be thinking a normal to slightly above normal second half of the month tempwise, was wondering what all of you thought. Just something I'm pondering on a May 9th afte
  4. One of my friends asked me yesterday if it's good to plant their corn, tomatoes, peppers, etc. this weekend and my reply was well...I'm not even 100% sure we've seen our last snowflake here (I got a coating last May).
  5. Cool! Yeah, 99 has changed a lot of things. I know, I wondered that myself.
  6. On another note, an AccuWeather long range forecaster on AccuWx Pro wrote today on their blog about a potential phased coastal low next week. From the pay site: "A highly baroclinic atmosphere will be in place, with a dome of high pressure across the West, a trough of low pressure across the Plains and Mississippi Valley, and a potential battle zone between cold continental air and warm tropical Atlantic air setting up along the East Coast. Both ensemble guidance and now some deterministic model runs are hinting at the potential for a potent storm taking shape next weekend (April 24-25)." L
  7. I'm in a valley at 1200 ft 10 miles west of State College, and having lived here for 16 years I wouldn't be surprised if we get a few wet snowflakes late tonight/early tomorrow am. But about 5-6 miles to my west, it's 2000'+ and wouldn't be surprised if they get a slushy coating. Nothing at all unusual, in fact, if State College doesn't record a trace the rest of the way, the last trace was April 1 and that would unusually early for last trace.
  8. One thing that my brother, who lives in York, and I have been talking about is how core snow season seems to have shifted to Jan-Mar over the last 7-8 years. I was looking at NOWData stuff on the NWS sites, and you can see it. It's especially obvious the further north and west of Philly you go. Above to much above normal snow is more common, and last March's near snow-free month stands out, and also Marches with more snow than December have become more common in a short period. This is after a fairly long run of mild Marches. I'd love to hear from the pros and more knowledgeable amateurs
  9. Wonder where Weather World gets their data (it's PSU meteorology dept). NWS Pittsburgh has 8th hottest as well: I do know NWS State College had us as breaking the all time hottest as well.
  10. WeatherWorld posted this (we had our hottest month ever): The frosty dog in my avatar was a panting dog this past month. Also of note:
  11. Well, this was about 20 minutes ago, so it's accumulating now. Giant flakes, still coming down. 0417201809.mp4
  12. 33 and snow here 10 miles west of State College, starting to get a dusting. I like snow and unusual weather, but these conditions at 2:45 pm on 4/17 are kind of lousy.
  13. The one year I was thinking of was 2012. Extremely warm Morch, as you may recall with a 15-day period of just crazy May-like warmth and then a very up and down April that included an IMBY coating on April 23 and an orchard-killing low in the 20s on April 28. That may have been the first time I became aware of the fruit growers' dilemma. I have no idea what the PV was like that year.
  14. Good on you for bumping. But to be fair to you, can we really say anyone nailed *this* particular winter? I don't recall any "Philadelphia will see a top 10 warmest winter and 0-5" of total snow" forecasts.
  15. Tony, on the fruit tree risk, when the PV finally begins to weaken, could that trigger an April cold shot? I was at the nearby orchard's store last weekend (Way Fruit Farm) and the owners asked me if I had heard anything regarding that. We talk about weather a fair amount and they had seen a meteorologist's Tweet about it and were definitely concerned. The tough thing for them is they have two separate orchards, both about 200 years old. One was put on top of the Bald Eagle Ridge. As the owners have mentioned, the orchard's founders were aware of radiational cooling back them. But one orc
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