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  1. King of Prussia. 3:30 PM Had an additional 0.4 inches of sleep. Total frozen accumulation 8.5 inches.
  2. Had 8.1” of snow accumulation in King of Prussia, moderate but large sleet. Looks almost like styrofoam on the picnic table.
  3. Half-dollar-size flakes mixed in with lots of tiny ones. Added another 0.4” in 20 minutes. Up to 6.1” as I was ready to submit, just mixed to all half—dollar size.
  4. I am between the A in Prussia and the curve in the Blue Route; 3 miles from Tombo's work; and about 6 from Susqushawn. I'm missing out on the big stuff by less than 5 miles and 350 in elevation. Storm Total so far: 3.4"
  5. 33 degrees. 157 ft. I flipped about 8:30; right after a heavy band pushed through that hit you pretty well. That was an average of two snowboards.
  6. King of Prussia. 2.1”. Heavy Snow. 33/32.
  7. I thought mine were also high until I saw yours. I’m in King of Prussia (closer to Bridgeport) and had 14.2” through this afternoon. Including 12.3” at 3am and then another 1.9” by 2:30pm. Got another 0.1” from the ongoing snow. Haven’t measure in 2 hours as I’ve been working.
  8. Snowing in king of Prussia for past 30 minutes. Some side streets and parking lots are getting coated. Very cold wind. IMG_9449.MOV
  9. 10.5" as of 9:00p in King of Prussia.
  10. King of Prussia 3:00p. Snow. 32/30. 1002hPa steady. 5.8” total. 2.8 Snow on Sunday. 2.5” sleet Monday. Then .5” of snow in last 30 minutes.
  11. King of Prussia. Sun 10:50p. 23/21. Flurries. 2.8”
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