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  1. 34 for the low this morning, all the melt was still frozen Locally the last day of a healthy pack Off to the bare ground of Egg Harbor Twp to smack the ball around
  2. over 476', a good part of that off road at the very least speed is an issue here, again very fortunate a family of four wasn't coming the other direction
  3. let me know when you're on the road & I'll make sure I'm home
  4. all the more reason not to be driving, suppose he plowed into somebody head on when he crossed the other side of the road before crashing he never has to get behind the wheel for the rest of life
  5. 7-8" across Philly metro, nothing crazy but a solid event. Big cold just before, during & after the storm, doesn't look like we'll anything close to that next week. Overall the 5th coldest MAR on record at Philly. then again there's always the GFS to keep hope alive
  6. whether it was burnout from his career in jeopardy once again after another back surgery or a relapse on pain medication or combo??? bottom line he looked terrible Sunday https://www.golfmagic.com/pga-tour/tiger-woods-looked-absolutely-fried-cbs-interview-about-masters
  7. looks like a pretty bad wreck Sheriff stated he doesn't think alcohol was involved & declined to comment regarding any other substance. He did an interview with CBS during the final round Sunday & IMO he didn't look right, very subdued & his eyes were extremely blood shot. Single car crash & looking at an overview of the path his vehicle took to the crash site you do have to wonder.
  8. Locally today is now snow (2/22) on top of snow (2/18-19) on top of snow (2/10-11) on top of snow (2/7) on top of snow (1/31-2/3). Five 1" or > events have contributed to the continuous snow pack since it began on 1/31. Quickly looking over the PHL snow depth period of record (1948) it appears the most # of 1" of > events that contributed to a continuous snow cover was five during JAN-FEB 1961. Other long duration snow cover streaks in JAN-FEB 2000 & FEB-MAR 2003 saw four such events. 25.7" for the month
  9. I always save some fresh driveway snow to cover up the stuff from the street clear out, the street snow gets pretty ratty looking especially after they salt. That's what's been great about this snow on top of snow on top.......keeps covering up all the plowed stuff that ends up very dirty looking.
  10. Snow is snow & I'll thoroughly enjoy it at any time of year. Aside from rare exceptions any snow events from the middle of MAR on are gone within hours under full sun. The real annoying spring disruptions are May BD cold fronts & marine layer shank. Nobody in PA does marine shank like Lower Bucks. There nothing better than watching strong storms roll thru Chester County when they're in the 80's while we're sitting in the 50's with fog & drizzle. By the time the storms reach Lower Bucks we're lucky if we get a faint rumble of thunder.
  11. you flip the switch MAR 1st crowd want to root for a MAR 2012 repeat
  12. that 3/12-13/2010 storm was nasty especially in NJ, in addition to the significant flooding the winds were wicked, I was working in Middlesex County that SAT the 13th & it was like a war zone up there with numerous trees down @Allsnowwill surely remember that storm if he was in Edison back then https://www.usgs.gov/center-news/summary-flooding-caused-march-12-15-2010-storm-new-jersey?qt-news_science_products=3#qt-news_science_products
  13. not really, I'll pass on the 8"-11" of rain that month, last thing we need is that much rain on top of this high liquid pack melt just added another 1/2 half inch total liquid to the pack today
  14. Lower Makefield Twp., PA - 37.3" 12/16-17 - 7.5" (7.0" snow / 0.5" sleet) 1/31-2/3 - 11.5" (10.0" snow / 1.5" sleet) 2/7 - 6.2" 2/10-2/11 - 2.6" 2/18-2/19 - 7.7" (7.0" snow / 0.7" sleet) 2/22 - 1.8"
  15. despite the rain my temp is the lowest since the precip began - 32.5 degrees was an awesome 3 mile dog walk with those rates this morning, my bar was 1" so nearly 2" is a win in my book
  16. 1st flakes here however south winds have done their damage 34 degrees / DP 28
  17. yeah, DCA went over to rain while still snow at BWI
  18. I love Riviera, great to see this is a prominent tournament once again. That was always the case back in the 80's-90's but it kind of fell off the map for awhile. 3 consecutive 2nd place finishes for Tony, he played great shooting a 64 today but he has to make that birdie putt on the 1st playoff hole. Fowler with a much needed top 20 finish.
  19. the record low seasonal at Worcester is 21" in 1955, look for that record to be challenged next season on the bright side it's only 5 hrs. to Montreal so now a chase to Canada is in the cards, make sure your passport is current seriously you'll be missed, I love your passion & enthusiasm as well as your return to posting as an annual rite of winter
  20. https://www.inquirer.com/eagles/carson-wentz-trade-howie-roseman-chris-ballard-draft-picks-20210220.html "Maybe it wasn’t even the vagaries of fate: an incomplete pass in the end zone in the divisional round, an opposing quarterback named Case Keenum in the championship game, a complacent and dysfunctional rival on Super Bowl Sunday." That & the Eagles had the easiest schedule in the NFC East that season. Don't get me wrong they had an excellent very balanced offense & a defense that did play well at home but many things broke their way. Just look at the weather for the ATL p
  21. Lower Makefield Twp., PA - 35.5" 12/16-17 - 7.5" (7.0" snow / 0.5" sleet) 1/31-2/3 - 11.5" (10.0" snow / 1.5" sleet) 2/7 - 6.2" 2/10-2/11 - 2.6" 2/18-2/19 - 7.7" (7.0" snow / 0.7" sleet)
  22. Before we moved to Lower Bucks in 1976 I grew up on Chalfont Drive just a couple of blocks down from Ryan
  23. In Lower Bucks that big cutter & 2" of rain completely wiped out a very healthy snow pack. That winter was so good that even when we lost we ending up winning as the melted snow & heavy rain created so much runoff that the subsequent flash freeze created the best sledding conditions ever. The frozen runoff never melted until the middle of March.
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