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  1. Got my first Pfizer dose Fri morning. GF hooked me up at a work related vax event only 6 mins away from my office. Able to walk right up in between sessions, no wait for the shot & back to work in less than a half hour. 2nd dose will be either 4/29 or 5/7. Arm was little sore Fri evening otherwise no side effects.
  2. Lower Bucks marine shank special today, 56 degrees currently dropping steadily from the early afternoon high of 60 degrees. It's a raw 56 with a stiff east wind. 12-13 degrees cooler than PHL 0.72" in the CoCo bucket, best Tempest performance since I got it in DEC - 0.76". Forecast a couple days ago was low 70's for today. Constant drizzle & showers didn't provide the afternoon break that was also talked about.
  3. 30 degrees this morning at PHL, coldest for the date in 57 years (25 degrees, 1964) Since 2000 the average April min temperature is 33 degrees, over the entire period of record it's 31 degrees locally 28 degrees (27.9) for the low
  4. For Philadelphia over the entire period of record the average date of the 1st 80 degree day is 4/20. Since 2000 that date is 4/10. The earliest date is 3/8/2000, begging for another redo of that summer. The latest date is 5/20/1984. We go from one of the latest dates last year to possibly one of the earlier ones today.
  5. 1.52" in the CoCo bucket Ambient was high at 1.79" Tempest rain checked lower at 1.42"
  6. Local CoCo observer reported 0.2" this morning.
  7. It's a beautiful location close to the park. If I'm flying out to CO better believe I'm taking a few days to get in some activity & see the lay of the land. They've averaged a liitle over 100" the past 20 yrs. so it's not like people sent you to Washington DC. Forecast totals were being lowered for Denver so no one expected over 2' in the city.
  8. Heavy sleet in Oxford Valley, Rt 1 & Oxford Valley Rd, a few tenths covering all surfaces. A couple miles up the road mainly wet with a little windshield paste. 34 degrees
  9. Currently sleet in Bensalem High so far only 38 degrees
  10. 27.1" at Denver, wouldn't call that an underperformer
  11. A weekend hacker would consider those horrible shots, for a top pro it's beyond embarrassing. Lol, a short 382yd par 4
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