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  1. 2.39" - Ambient 2.38" - Tempest Actual CoCo guage - 2.09" Since 2002 too many times to remember - dry spells have a short shelf life around these parts
  2. Thanks, you removed any doubts I may have had about this upcoming winter.
  3. Same site I was looking at, just used the long term average since there's missing data.
  4. Pretty good snowfall records for Lowville, number of missing months but not bad for a small town of 3500 people. Seasonal average - 120" Max - 251" / Min - 53" Max monthly 82"-84" during December & January. Monthly records for November & December are recent, 2018 & 2017. Mean annual low temp since 2000 is -19. Had a -30 as recent as January 2018. Another bonus is it hasn't reached 90 degrees in 6 of the past 8 years.
  5. 40 degrees for the low this morning, some rooftop / cartop frost patches.
  6. Nice gusts with the shower that just rolled thru Bensalem. Temps dropped into the low 50's.
  7. Locally 61 /49 split today 0.01" from afternoon shower, 0.31" yesterday Some comments regarding Philadelphia OCT records & averages: As of today PHL has yet to record the 1st 40's of the season (JUL 1st). For the current airport location (1940) this represents the latest occurrence on record. The previous latest was 10/15/1995 (not a bad analog). The average date of the 1st 40's at the airport location is 9/21. Since 2000 that date is now 10/3. For the various center city locations (1874 - 1939) the latest occurrence is 10/20/1882. The average date of the 1st
  8. Talk about a career killer for that leading actress from Saved by the bell, did she ever get any role after that trainwreck.
  9. Official high on 10/2/2007 was 80, pretty significant discrepancy.
  10. 2019 had the 1st Oct 90 day at PHL since 1941 so these figures don't match the offical temps. Quite a few differences, some as much ad 3 degrees.
  11. Yes the joy of lanternflies & stink bugs until December, where do I sign up?
  12. Just wait till that trough settles in out west later in the month & we get a healthy cutter, you can mail in record warmth.
  13. 71.6 degrees for the PHL Sept average, this represents the 18 warmest over the 148 yr POR Average high 80.1 (+1.2) Average low 63.0 (+2.1) In terms of recent trends no month is warming more than Sept. No shock that the warming is also resulting in higher DP's Local Tempest stats, adjusted precip totals in line with the actual CoCo gauge figure of 8.12"
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