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  1. 79 / 71 split today Just little more tolerable out there today
  2. 1.79" total 4.08" for the week Mushroom season in full force
  3. another question for the experts - what causes the worst of the lightning to occur after the heavy rain has passed, happening now & was the case with Monday storms in Bensalem also noticed that before several times of the years
  4. these lines that approach the immediate metro area from the SW seem to hold up much better than stuff approaching from the W & especially the NW, that stuff the vast majority of the time weakens considerably or just plain falls apart nothing scientific just something you notice living in the area for quite some time
  5. currently in a lull after several rounds of storms, last one that went thru put on quite the light show 0.82" at this point a real burner today locally - even 95 degrees for a high, peak heat index was 106 (95 / 74) just after 3:00 nothing like lush green grass in the middle of July
  6. saw a Tempest report of 5.58" just outside of Stockton, even if it's 20% too high they're in your territory
  7. current heat index 96 degrees 86 / 76 normally do 3-4 miles with the dogs SAT morning, not today as the dogs threw up the white flag after 2 miles
  8. GFS advertising some lows in the 50's for the burbs next weekend. Would be a coup to be able to turn off the AC during July.
  9. Morikawa for the most part is a very good ball striker, putting is his Achilles heel. When he putts it's game on. Oosthuizen also going off, guy has become a fixture at the top of leaderboards during majors.
  10. Bryson is trainwreck that's keeps getting worse by the week. The Koepka fued is one thing, which hasn't worked out well either, but when you start dumping on your sponsors look out. Maybe his goal is to reduce his income but man what a dolt. Roid rage lol
  11. forgot about this thread, man time flies during the summer, could notice it being a little darker during the early am dog walk today over 15 mins off peak daylength & now losing over a minute each day, takes awhile to notice the earlier sunsets but the later sunrises will be obvious by the next 10 days
  12. local high temps the past 6 days: 86 / 82 / 86 / 89 / 81 / 89 sign up for those #'s at this point in summer anytime local 90 degree days this year: May - 0 June - 8 July - 3 Max Temp: 96 degrees - 6/30
  13. 81 / 70 split today, nice break from the original forecast a few days ago
  14. That's about as good as it gets with the initial measurement. Yesterday the Tempest reported 2.59" & I actually got 1.82" in the CoCo. Tempest adjusted to 1.88" today which also pretty good because most of the adjustments aren't that great either. Early this am was 0.56" Tempest & 0.47" CoCo, not terrible however the adjustment will probably be worse. General rule is the heavier the rain the greater the difference between the Tempest & Ambient vs. the CoCo bucket.
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