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  1. locally 40 degrees for a low this morning. some more pics from the high surf at Manasquan yesterday
  2. 47 degrees this morning at PHL, this marks the 4th consecutive day with a low in the 40's. That hasn't happened in SEPT since 1985.
  3. Angry ocean over in Manasquan, getting minor street flooding at high tide. Not one boat out in the ocean today.
  4. 48 degrees for a low at PHL this morning is the coldest on the date since 1962. Monthly average is now slightly below normal however still above 70 degrees, average highs at PHL drop thru the mid 70's to the low 70's by the end of the month so an extended run of temps around 80 degrees are going to be solidly above average.
  5. So did New England setting the stage for this football classic. A tractor with a snow sweeper is part of the Patriots hall of fame.
  6. 47 degrees for the low this morning at PHL, that is tied with 1993, 1962 & 1929 for the 2nd coolest reading on this date. The record low is 45 degrees set in 1979 & 1956. There hasn't been a colder SEPT low at PHL since 46 degrees on 9/26/2001.
  7. Berlin, NH was 22 degrees this morning. Concord set a new record low of 28 degrees, coldest this early in the season since 1975.
  8. 66 / 48 split for PHL today 66 degree high represents the coolest on the date since 1987 48 degree low represents the coolest on the date since 1984 Current point & click for PHL calls for low in the 40's the next 3 mornings, the last time PHL recorded more than 4 SEPT days with low's in the 40's was 1990.
  9. Reed has been a scrambling / putting machine the first 2 days, only 10 / 28 fairways, 21 / 36 greens in regulation however he's #1 in putting. Have to think that doesn't hold up for another 2 days unless he gets the driver working.
  10. locally 43 degrees this morning officially at PHL the 48 degrees is the 2nd earliest 40's date for the HDD season over the past 30 years 1. 9/18/2013 2. 9/19/2020 3. 9/20/1993 4. 9/22/1999, 9/22/1997, 9/22/1991 Since 1991 The average date of the 1st 40's at PHL is 10/1 A lusty 28 degrees at Bradford, for them looks like the earliest low in the 20's since SEPT 1990
  11. Over the Philadelphia period of record from 1874-2009 no month was more consistent temp wise than OCT. Since 2010 the month has warmed significantly, nearly as much as the dramatic SEPT warming. Since your around AC I've included a chart below that details the recent monthly temp trends for both PHL & ACY, remarkably similar. Those darn interior SNJ heat islands..... Every OCT since 2010 has averaged above normal at PHL & 9 out of 10 for ACY. Recent trends would favor your warm OCT.
  12. 66 / 48 spread locally -10 departure for PHL today, 1st double digit departure day since May 20th
  13. 48 degrees this morning actual early fall weather in SEPT, who knew!!!
  14. Actually your township with a population of 1803 over 16.21 sq miles of land, only 111 people per sq mile is well within the official USDA rural classification of 500 people per sq mile & under 2500 in total population. You have portions of Chester County that are closer to Reading, Lancaster, probably Baltimore than Philadelphia, hard sell to call these low density population locations that far outside Philly "burbs".
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