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  1. Lol, currently 14 degrees https://www.earthcam.com/usa/colorado/denver/?cam=denver
  2. goodbye 60+ dewpoints, fog & marine shank, about as useless as it gets for a much above normal week this time of year couple of morning pics from Solebury Twp. just south of New Hope
  3. PHL hasn't reached the 30's at this point in the season, the latest such date over the entire period of record is 11/14 (1916). For the current airport location back to 1940 that date is 11/10 (2017).
  4. Soup's on, can hear the ocean but can't see it in Manasquan
  5. 0.04" in the bucket this morning 0.02" from a quick shower & another 0.02" from hours of drizzle 0.41" on the CNJ coast at Sea Girt
  6. Here are the Philly averages over different timeframes including the recent trends since 2010 & the current status of the pending 1991-2020 climate normal. These figures are pure averages & don't take into account any potential smoothing or adjustments from the Climate Center. The only below average month since 2010 has been NOV, likewise that's the only month that wouldn't see an average increase for the pending 30 year normal. With that being said there's still next month to go so a torch month could change that scenario. Regarding MAR while 6 of the past 11 years have be
  7. thru yesterday PHL solidly above normal for the month, average temps drop into the mid 60's / mid 40's this week so there's going to big positive departures coming up models have backed off the big EC trough the following week therefore looks highly likely this will be the 11th consecutive above average OCT
  8. 39 late evening low yesterday 34 this morning 1st 30's of the season
  9. https://www.glenallenweather.com/upload/history/dailyevents/feb.htm 1989A total of thirty-three cities in the eastern United States reported new record low temperatures for the date, and an Atlantic coast storm spread heavy snow from Georgia to southern New England. Snowfall totals in New Jersey ranged up to 24 inches in May County, with 19 inches reported at Atlantic City. Totals in North Carolina ranged up to 18 inches in Gates County, and winds along the coast of North Carolina gusted to 70 mph at Duck Pier. Strong winds gusting to 52 mph created blizzard conditions at Chatham MA.(The
  10. addtn'l 0.08" this morning 1.11" total 22 degrees in Bradford this morning, only 1 degree off the record low
  11. 1988-89 - as with many winter months during the 80's there was significant cold air available, for this season at times thru mid MAR, however just couldn't connect that winter. In particular during an 11 day stretch from late FEB - early MAR we missed on 2 opportunities that could have changed the complexion of that season. 2/24/89 was forecast to be an 4-8" event to day prior but we ended up with 4-8 flakes & sun filtering thru clouds while the immediate SNJ coast was getting crushed with quite possibly true blizzard conditions, 18" in Somers Point to 24" near Cape May. On 3/6/89 with the
  12. 1.03" total 62 degrees for the early am high 51 degrees for afternoon low at this point 2.51" for the month
  13. Played Jack Frost Nat'l for the 1st time today, couldn't have picked a better golf day, course was in fantastic shape, definitely play there again
  14. a few shots from Jack Frost Nat'l today, beautiful very warm relative to average day in the upper 60's leaves are already past peak at the highest elevations
  15. For the HDD season the 1st high below 60 degrees at PHL yesterday, coolest max temp since the big cold shot in early May. Over the entire POR back to 1874 the average date of this occurrence is OCT 8th Since 2000 that average date is OCT 11th
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