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  1. My favorite fall weather. 60s during the day is ideal. Even 70s feels too warm in the sun. 60s gives you that crisp fall feeling. Overnight lows perfect for sleeping under a thick blanket with the windows wide open.
  2. Well I guess we all learned from this summer that high-shear, low-CAPE events can produce, but I’m not too bullish on the tornado threat today. The convection to the west is progressing rapidly and looks like it will arrive fairly early in the day; I just can’t imagine we are going to build up much instability by then.
  4. i had that same “liked it, then didn’t” experience with Schafly. I first tasted it at a beer fest, was like “now THIS tastes like pumpkin pie,” but then after I bought my first six-pack I didn’t enjoy it as much…
  5. Some pumpkin beers actually have a pumpkin pie taste. Others just have more of a pumpkin pie *spice* taste, if that makes any sense... And some provide just the slightest impression of either... Anyone who is a pumpkin beer connoisseur probably knows what I mean... I prefer the actual pumpkin pie taste, so would appreciate any recommendations in that regard. Also looking for something that is lower in alcohol. For example Southern Tier Pumpking is good, but it's over 8% alcohol. That's fine on the weekends, but sometimes when I work from home and have to work past 5pm, I like to crack open a b
  6. looks great, I’ll take it, but actually prefer it a little cooler for fall; to me a perfect fall day is in the 60s, cool enough for a hoody, fleece pullover, or light jacket. Like hitting lows in the upper 40s / low 50s at night for sleeping with the window open, but if I’m out and about then yeah for the evening up until bedtime upper 50s is nice. Wouldn’t want it all year though, it’s that change of seasons that makes it so refreshing.
  7. Sorry I couldn’t make it, hope everyone had fun, awesome day for beers and friends outdoors. Looking forward already to 2022, hopefully in PA, and perhaps we can organize something halfway in between golf outings, some sort of meetup for beers etc.
  8. Thanks Tony, not sure why it says I can’t get messages, but I did get the messages from both @tombo82685 and @snowlurker
  9. Thanks Tony. Do me a favor though and message me your cell, just in case things change and I end up being able to shoot down there. It's close to an hour's drive for me so not exactly the kind of thing I can just squeeze in on short notice, but there's a slightly greater than zero chance my afternoon might free up. I will only text you IF things change and I end up being able to shoot down there.
  10. @Rainshadow23.0 Tony, I don't think I will be able to get down there this afternoon. I was always a "game time decision" due to some scheduling uncertainties, but sorry for the late notice and to not be there. Hopefully next year, especially if it comes back to PA again, or maybe we can all do a winter gathering to not wait another whole year?? Have a great time, you have an awesome day for golf !!!
  11. Sorry, should not have referred to it as a stout, it is Nitro Sweet Potato but not a stout
  12. I have enjoyed most of their stuff, especially their Nitro Sweet Potato stout, which is one of my seasonal favorites.
  13. Had this at The Vault on Friday and bought the three bottles in their takeout fridge to bring home with me. Great brew - smooth, flavorful, and relatively low alcohol (5.0%) especially for a bourbon barrel-aged beer. I have tried two other bourbon barrel-aged beers, and the bourbon notes weren’t quite as prominent with this one, but I really enjoyed it overall. The 22-ounce size is great too, convenient for a fall day outside, almost but not quite the equivalent of two beers, get that second pour without having to go back inside for the second beer 😏
  14. If it comes together and works out, don’t worry, it will not be awkward. When I went for the first and only time in 2019, nobody knew me (and probably won’t remember or recognize me now either 😉 ) but everybody was so warm and welcoming, it was like I had known them (more than just online) for years.
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