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  1. Question - today’s Mt. Holly AFD says that models show Sunday and Monday cold fronts passing at time of peak heating, but that this would be unusual timing for mid-June. Why? What is the correlation between time of year and timing of cold frontal passage?? I would think that, regardless of speed, a cold front could theoretically come through at any time?
  2. What are all these special weather statements I’m suddenly seeing these last couple days? Seems like they are being routinely issued on many storms that are strong but sub-severe. Don’t remember seeing that before. Used to be either severe-warned or nothing, except in unusual circumstances. Was there some policy, protocol or methodology change at NWS? If so I would assume it has to be national, not just Mt. Holly, yet I was just out storm chasing on the Plains for two weeks and don’t recall seeing any similar products issued on storms out there. Sorry if I missed some previous discussion about
  3. Sorry I’m late posting this. Having just returned from my Plains storm chasing trip, I wasn’t too much in tune with the local weather on Friday. Got home from the gym and received a severe warning alert from my iMap weather radio app. Checked RadarScope and was surprised to see what looked like a semi-discrete supercell just to my west - see first radar image below. (SPC storm reports has a 1” hail report in Hilltown, 10 minutes before this first radar image below, by which time the core had progressed about 5 miles southeast.) I didn’t feel any urgency in going after it, given the impractical
  4. Sorry about the weather back home, but this morning I am in Hobbs, New Mexico for the last day of my annual Plains storm chasing trip. Been out here since last weekend. Flying to PHL from Midland, TX tomorrow. Will post some pics in the banter thread when I get back. Hope you all can squeak out a nice day today!
  5. I wasn’t able to follow the weather yesterday (Wed 4/28) but got an alert for the severe warning up in NEPA (my in laws live up there so I have their area set for warnings on my app). The SPC reports show a line of wind reports that look clearly like an intense bow echo must have blasted southeast. Can anyone provide some color on how things unfolded? I saw there was no watch or meso discussion or anything...
  6. Agree with the post 8pm sunsets and would be a waste for it to be light already at 4am. I much prefer having the longest days of the year run from 5am-9pm instead of 4am-8pm. If anything, we should probably stay on daylight savings time all year and eliminate standard time! I can live without winter days that are already dark at 5pm and really don’t care if it’s still dark later in the morning, it’s dark when I wake up and when I drive to work anyway, what’s another hour?
  7. EDT does seem early this year, I know it has been a while since it was in April, but hasn’t it started in later March, like the last weekend of the month, in recent years? Anyway, I like EDT, it’s nice to have daylight later in the evening as the weather gets warm so that I can still go for a run or bike ride or something after work. And when the days are long, it’s better for the sun to come up at 5am than at 4am. But it’s too early in the year. It’s not warm enough yet for outdoor activities in the evening, and the days are still pretty short so it will stay dark too late in the
  8. I have lots of old stuff, seasonal things that I don’t get through before the season ends. Like now I still have a few Oktoberfests and pumpkin beers left to save for next year. I guess it’s never the right move to just trash them - at least give them a taste, as long as they don’t smell bad or have floaters in them...
  9. I’ve had one of those Lindeman’s Lambics in the back of my bar fridge for literally 10+ years... Any chance it might still be good??
  10. I grew up in Queens, lives there until I was 25, and it was the same thing there too
  11. Why such a difference between the 12km and the 3km posted above by Allsnow? Sure hope the 12km is right!
  12. I guess I wasn’t staying as current on the evolving forecast because of work, I knew it had backed off significantly on ice amounts but there was still a winter weather advisory and with temps at 32 at sunset I thought there would be ice and didn’t realize the temps would rise before sun-up... 😞
  13. Alarm went off at 5am, loved hearing the rain outside the window that I always keep open about 6” regardless of outside temp, hit snooze a couple times because I was enjoying the sound... Was hoping for some ice, enough to encase the tree branches and allow me to work from home at least half the day... At 5:15am, clicked the stupid iPhone native weather app just to see the temp - 38 already!?! Second ice fail in four days around here! This time I look stupid for telling my son he couldn’t drive with his friends last night and for telling my wife that the kids would probably have a delayed open
  14. I think March is absolute worst month. Cold seems worse after teasing tastes of spring, yet there is little chance of a good snowstorm. November is similar to March, in that it bookends meteorological winter without much chance of snow - but I kind of like November, it has a nice feel to it, that sense of fall deepening into winter... , Gray blustery days, Thanksgiving, start of Christmas season. But March has little in the way of redeeming features. Nothing at all against July. Peak thunderstorm month around here. Sorry for going OT.
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