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  1. He'll need the 54" Bumble measuring tool. Available on Amazon!!
  2. 20.3F for the low at 12:49 AM this morning. 29.2F when I got up at 5:30 AM.
  3. You have to get a new weather station first. Need to get you into the 21st century. 😉
  4. I remember it took a bit and a couple of reboots of the console to get things working on wunderground. Make sure data is being sent to Weatherlink.com first, and then setup wunderground. I setup my Weatherlink account and upgraded to Pro+, also make sure your Weatherlink network says Public and not Private. Once you do that, then setup wunderground and it should give you the station ID and station key, THEN you have to go back into Weatherlink to share the data and put the Station ID and Station key into Weatherlink. Once all that is done, then is should take a few minutes for everything to u
  5. 54F for the high. Nice day to be outside before dinner!
  6. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!! Low of 27.8F this morning.
  7. Yean, I made it down to 27.2 this morning. We'll see what tomorrow morning brings.
  8. Of course I put the snow on the warmest day of the week...
  9. 69F for the high with 0.10" of rain as the front moved through last evening.
  10. 35.F for the low with fog settling in, nearing peanut butter thickness in a few spots.😁
  11. Ah, the media got wind of a "potentially significant" winter storm next week. Let the mind games begin!! 😜
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