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  1. 37.9F for the low. Bought flowers yesterday, brought them in to the garage overnight just in case it cleared up overnight.🥶
  2. 79F and waiting for rain. I think I have a long wait.
  3. 68.1F and 42 mph wind gust, and I'm in a relatively sheltered location.
  4. Nice day to sit outside at the new local Beer Garten in Perkasie. The Ram restaurant is about 100ft away that runs it.
  5. Pea size hail at the beginning of the event, probably about 30 seconds worth, and then nothing but rain after. 16 mph wind gust and 0.13" of rain of it. Steady lightning and thunder during the event.
  6. Purple Monkey Dishwasher by Evil Genius
  7. It's not Mother's Day, who would plant before Mother's Day????
  8. In 10 years, we'll be watching TV at 3 AM and see an infomercial about a class action lawsuit. "Have you or someone you love received a Covid-19 shot years ago?" Sorry, need some sarcastic humor one in a while. 😆 Everyone's reaction to the shot is different and hearing about the side effects is going to be happening for years to come.
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