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  1. 19 here. Waiting for the solar radiation to kick-in and drop it some more.
  2. Brief "blink and you miss them" flurries at 7 AM this morning. 28.7F for the low.
  3. Winds were roaring up high, but only measured a 28 mph gust last night, along with 0.65" of rain. Neighbor lost a dead tree that almost hit his house last night. That was about the only excitement, other than a little lightning and thunder.
  4. It would be hilarious if it actually happens.
  5. I was close in saying that I might not be able to make it over a 1/2". Sitting at 0.6" as of 7am.
  6. 0.17" as of 3 PM Questioning if we will get more than half an inch out of all of this. Seems pretty broken up North of the City.
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