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  1. I missed out apparently. VP2 - 0.29" Stratus - 0.32"
  2. It was a very fluid system, I don't think anyone called it perfectly. You did a great job on Twitter calling out the cells that were about to spin up a tornado.
  3. Jim, I was seeing some reports of a tornado touchdown in LBI. Roofs ripped off and boats sunk, power lines down, etc.
  4. My nephew follows this guy on Facebook. There are some good pictures of a Lowes and Home Depot damage. HOWEVER, the guy has a couple of drone shots from Washington's Crossing, PA and he is indicating the tornado was 3 miles wide. I have a hard time believing it was 3 miles wide as he states and he is measuring (not sure how he is measuring to be honest) at the cloud and not the ground. https://www.facebook.com/BucksPAWeather
  5. No damage, no thunder or lightning that l saw. Did get a nice shower out of it. VP2 - 0.65" Stratus - 0.64"
  6. Nice job calling the storms yesterday @tombo82685 on Twitter. Pretty much spot on.
  7. Facebook link to actual pictures of the tornado. https://www.facebook.com/BucksPAWeather/posts/374324514058211
  8. Can't believe that tornado has hung around this long. Hope it was not on the ground the whole time. That's like 2 hours or more.
  9. The people at Six Flags in Jackson are going to be in for a treat if that holds together. Hope they are getting them off the rides.
  10. Maybe another one spinning up around Springhouse.
  11. Wow!!! Radar picking up on the debris field.
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