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  1. Bit surprised to find it rained last night. Woke with 0.05" in the rain gauge this morning. Thought the rain would be further North.
  2. Figs trees have an infamous wrap on this site for some reason... 😉
  3. Awesome conveyor belt animation! All you see is the circulations and the moisture riding like a conveyor belt across the rollers!
  4. Yeah, inspections on homes right now are like gold. Always get them, they are worth it. I'm trying to buy a house in OBX and I've walked away from over 20 homes because they want to much money, I'm being outbid, and buyers are waiving the home inspection and buying as is. They are nuts to do that! Good luck with the search!
  5. Windy, but no rain. Broke up and reformed. Blutarsky...
  6. Solebury Orchards!!! Best apple cider donuts around, and the apple cider is awesome too!!
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