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  1. I was in NYC for that one. Forecast was 2-3', got less than six inches. It was a good winter, but that bust colored my whole mood
  2. I have really been trying to embrace an attitude of gratitude for snowfall during my first winter back on the east coast in several years, but if I eke out 2'' while ACY gets 16''...
  3. Frigid night out there with the wind. Saw a guy exiting a bar go "F&%*!! IT'S F&*^$@& COLD!" Also saw the requisite bro in gym shorts...it never fails.
  4. All rain downtown, that's for sure. I am trying to wait for the changeover before I head out to get a breakfast sammy, but not sure I can hold out much longer
  5. The big puddles currently forming will be an obstacle
  6. Looks like the good precip is out in front of the cold air...
  7. Still quite warm in the city. PHL says 47, I was just out for a walk and that feels about right. We're gonna need decent rates here in the morning...hope springs eternal
  8. Mt Holly AFD for this event-they've been doing an excellent job of laying things out this winter imo. Clouds will quickly increase this evening then the lower during the night within a warm advection regime ahead of the strong cold front. As an area of ascent overspreads our region from the southwest in the form of 700-850 mb frontogenesis, a widespread band of rain will develop especially from about midnight onward. As the cold front is sliding across our area overnight and early Thursday morning, cold air advection will strengthen however much of the lift is focused behind the front. Th
  9. I endorse this! Do think it will have a tough time sticking at my location in Center City, but 2-3 would be possible with a few hours of nice rates. At the very least, a nice period of flakes flying in the daylight. I'll take it If the above verified verbatim, would take PHL above average for the month with the final third looking cold
  10. From the peanut gallery...don't feel like much has changed with expectations on this one. Takeaway from the more sober minded posters here and from Mt. Holly's AFDs is it could be a miss, could be a graze, could be a 6'' snow, models will have a tough time handling this pattern with multiple shortwaves around. A miss of some kind is usually the right call for PHL, but at least we're in the game. If the other models had gone towards last night's Euro today, I would be convinced we'd end up seeing rain here.
  11. You'll do fine in PGH, enjoy it man! With your girlfriend along, this is basically an ideal outcome
  12. I was referencing a Bob Dylan song, my man! There's a guy outside my building with a snow blower, and I want to shout out that he should just wait a couple hours
  13. Will say, worst I've seen the roads this winter...saw a few people sliding, including a bus driver. Great example of why the NWS hoists WWAs even for events that look meh to obsessives like us (also, the Cowboys just lost in hilarious fashion)
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