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  1. Not a fan of it either, especially any dry cold. It seems to enhance cooling in Lake Erie/releases the energy without actually getting anything good out of it.
  2. As mentioned earlier, this further affirms that the cards don’t appear to be in our favor into early Dec. I’m not too worried though. Despite any cold flushing that might occur from the pac, it’s not too difficult for it to set up shop again this time of year. Feb would be a different story if this were to occur. GFS ensembles have some slight cold signal around dec 7/8 in my area in and Ohio with Barney in the op run which is just for giggles since it’s fantasy, but nothing seems to strongly suggest any long-term torching. **At least for now
  3. Upstate NY is also a beautiful area. I’d be in Buffalo, but work wants to return to office in the Spring. My area gets around 105” avg but if I’m not mistaken there’s places up there far inland that get almost double.
  4. I’m new to this blog, so I thought I would open up my first post with some morning heavy slop that we received here in Erie, PA. I’m about 6 blocks from the shoreline. Lake is running a bit warm so it’s not sticking, but a few miles inland (I-90 southward) are getting accumulation with slight upslope flow (about 400-600 ft higher).
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