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  1. I remember on this day back in 1989, working in AC at the time ( Friday the 24th) , I experienced the worst true blizzard in my lifetime. 18 to 24 inches of snow along the coast, freezing cold temperatures whipped around by storm force winds. Then to come home to bare ground 40 miles to the west....ugh...
  2. And today, 2/22, is number 3. Wonder if the atmosphere has memory phenomena could be figured into this as well.
  3. I'll take March 2001's disappointment and make it a reality😂
  4. More pics from my long walk today. Perfect winter day. You can somewhat see Camelback mountain in the sunset pic which is @25 miles from where I took the pic.
  5. Thank you. My place is not too far from Bushkill Falls. Beautiful and affordable area (minus the taxes). However, as time goes on, becoming more rundown.
  6. Thank you. In my view, today was an absolute perfect winter's day.
  7. View from my deck in Pike county. 30 degrees with a stiff breeze and sunshine does not feel too bad in late February. Good day to remove caked in snow and ice in the sun. Just 2 weeks ago with similar conditions.....not so much...
  8. Hello.. newbie here.. I believe you hit on something here. Going off of the top of my head in recent memory, here are several more instances where intense banding has set up in the general area that you mentioned. Day after the Superbowl 2014. Coastal storm in January of 2014 when banding in the midday hours crushed this area. Feb. 5, 2010 - banding crushed that area most of the morning. Boxing day storm 2010- impressive band near the end of the storm. Surprise snowstorm January 2000- that area crushed.
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