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  1. Just saw DTS snow map. His first calls have been so horrible I know im now doomed.
  2. Good morning all! Had about 1.5 fall overnight to put us just past 2 feet at 24.5" with light snow still falling. Snapped a few pictures.
  3. 10pm board check and probably the last one of the night. 23" in Reading. Rates have definitely slowed. Still inch an hour stuff. I'm exhausted though time for some sleep. Lots of work to do tomorrow lol.
  4. 9pm board check another 2" hr to bring Reading to 22" That band through Berks and Lehigh just won't quit.
  5. 8pm measurement and we got 2" in the past hour for a storm total of 20" so far in Reading. INSANE! Still dumping what a storm, wow.
  6. Best rates of the day over the past hour. 3.25" in the last hour to bring us to 18.5" Reading, PA
  7. 6pm board check and Reading is at 15.25" This CCB is something else!
  8. 5pm check I have 7.5 on the board since the change over. For a storm total so far of 13" w/ S+
  9. 11.25" as of 4pm. Heavy snow persists. Should break a foot in this next hour easy. That was my benchmark. Reading
  10. Been back to heavy snow for about 20 minutes. 4.25" on the board. Storm total 9.75" @ Reading.
  11. Well now snow let up quite a bit and sleet has mixed it's way back in...
  12. Officially 3" in the last hour since the change over. These rates are insane! 8.5" in Reading.
  13. Heavy snow now since about 12. Will go out every hour and check the board. Heavy snow with huge flakes. Hoping everyone gets to see this. 27*
  14. Finally all snow in Reading. Right on schedule as well. Its game time!
  15. Precip picking back up in Reading. I'd say 60/40 sleet snow. Radar is juicy.
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