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  1. Yes we await the turn of long stretch of 50s to 85 and 70dp.
  2. That looks like a redux of last week - back end shuts off/drys out. Maybe a pity flake. Sell.
  3. Who ordered 70 again today? Delivery's here.
  4. For the sake of Spring, unfortunate we have 2 nights in the 20s right after.
  5. Captain I regret to inform you the keel has been dragging sand and mud for some time now and the prop has lost 2 blades.
  6. Sorry - wasn't meant as an over read on the whole season, just similar pattern Feb with the ++AO and looking at March possibilities, carried in to a wild March - lot of record Highs out east - Philly hit 84, was even 78 in Burlington VT, then it tanked at the equinox. Big start for tornadoes in Central
  7. Same with the % of the Great Lakes that are frozen. Only 6%, Even last year was 41% at this time. All of it won't help the interesting X factor come Smarch in keeping air masses cold from their source region.
  8. Doubtful. You weren't aware because it doesn't exist. The Operational UK Met most are familiar with only runs 6 days /144hrs. There are ensembles for it at much lower resolution in 20km, and not as widely used, that go 7 days /168 hrs. This is accomplished by running a blend initially of the prior 2 cycles first. Nothing goes out to 192. If some 3rd party is doing something strange on their own, that's on them. But as you may expect all the parameters and documentation for the model are available on the Met Office site.
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