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  1. Was the record lowest snowfall for PHL 0.5" in 1995? According to SC-ACIS it is - if anyone else knows please correct me. Thank you.
  2. At least for WeatherBell, no post-processing with respect to calculating the snowfall fields (except for Kuchera obviously) is done. The snowfall fields (for all models) are directly visualized straight from the grib data - I can't speak for other sites Some more info: - We use nearest neighbor interpolation - Other sites which produce the images using GrADS use a Cressman interpolation scheme which is a bit smoother (smoother than nearest neighbor)
  3. My favorite part of that graphic is the GFS just a bit less biased than the CFSR - good lord
  4. I've heard its temp profiles are not to be trusted on another forum however I don't have any data to back that up
  5. Slight bump SE with the 18z EPS (worth noting it trended better at 500mb in addition to bringing the ensemble envelope a decent amount west)
  6. Interesting video I watched today on the climatology of forecast track error w.r.t. cyclogenesis of large storms as a function of time: - Figures are from that talk - https://ams.confex.com/ams/29WAF25NWP/videogateway.cgi/id/47679?recordingid=47679&uniqueid=Paper345644&entry_password=null&fbclid=IwAR3Pn3fwg5VMNwa0eotmZgq7vx78oSrx9g8fxpBRKm3shkLqCtyyZSt9VGc
  7. Let's see if the EPS supports or refutes the OP - regardless the signal is still there - we are ~6d out after all
  8. Don't know if the ages old bias of it hanging energy back in the SW US applies still
  9. It's ~7 days away - I like where we stand (it could be much worse)
  10. Interesting - looks like a decent amount spawn a coastal / threaten a transfer but a near-equal amount are likely too amped
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