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  1. About 4.5” in Sinking Spring, Berks County. Some light sleet and 33 right now.
  2. In like a wall in sw Berks. Steady with small flakes right now.
  3. Yup, that’s reaching the ground as very light snow in western Berks, just enough to dust the cars and sidewalks.
  4. 3” in Sinking Spring, SW Berks County. Mostly missed the heavier stuff as expected, but a nice little snowpack refresher and it was a great morning for some sledding with the kids with the icy older snow underneath! still snowing a bit, current pic below.
  5. at work in Blandon, central Berks. It’s ripping, but about to end. Quick half inch. Was white rain at home in Sinking Spring. IMG_2230.MOV
  6. It’s poking through the clouds here, after 19”, and after a couple snowblower passes, my south-facing driveway is BLACK!
  7. storm total in Sinking Spring, Berks, 19” as of 7am light snow, 28
  8. 16” and still coming down nicely. 31.5 degrees, very wet snow. Sinking Spring, Berks IMG_2219.MOV
  9. Just dumping in Sinking Spring, Berks. I couldn’t clear the board while I was at work but we have a compacted 12”. Radar currently not doing justice to what’s falling.
  10. Been at work in Blandon, Berks County all day. Been ripping most of the time since around 9-10am. No way to measure, being at work, but I’m estimating storm total so far of 12-13”. Just cleaned the car off and about to make the drive 20 miles home. IMG_2218.MOV
  11. 8pm, Sinking Spring, sw Berks 24 degrees, snow 3.5”
  12. 6:15pm 24 degrees; 2.25”; light snow Sinking Spring, sw Berks
  13. Turned to all sleet here now (Sinking Spring, Berks). Measured right at changeover - 6.25” took this video while taking my daughter and her friends sledding IMG_1921.MOV
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