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  1. 6.02” down to 64. Worst of it looks to be over in my area fingers crossed 🤞
  2. I’m sure she’ll be fine. I told my wife to come home from Pottstown at 2:00 pm. Last heavy rain it took her 2 hooting get home. 8 miles
  3. Lot of traffic up there I’m down near Birdsboro & we have over 5” now most of it in last 2 hours. She will probably be late for sure
  4. From where? I’m about 2 miles south of 422 & it is pouring.
  5. Yeah I live on a steep hill. But my basement stays dry
  6. Wow we are at 4.00 now almost 3” in last 2 hours. Can’t imagine how heavy that must be. Another heavy round coming into Berks
  7. Out my window neighbor kids 😂 IMG_7589.MOV
  8. 1.42” 67 degrees raining steady all day but just picked up to moderate. 8 miles east in Pottstown been dry most of the day according to my wife at work
  9. Wish I would have seen the thread earlier. Would have sent you to central city for casino & hotel. Black hawk minutes away already 31” there. Will end up with over 4 feet. Used to live in circled area a 10,200 feet but heavies snow will be just under 10,000 @ about 92-9500 in this set up. Forecast for st Mary’s glacier https://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?textField1=39.826204114&textField2=-105.641870499#.YE56RaT3YlR it will be snowing till Wednesday or Thursday above 10,000 bank on it. Radar is crap out there above 8500’
  10. On my walk this morning. My house & 1/2 mile SW. tree cover and NW facing hill amazing
  11. I remember last time , my wife & I used to walk with are 3 dogs (all passed now 😥) at French creek state park. It was very loud to the point many hikers avoided it so we had the place to ourselves.
  12. Could doors down this morning they ran across in front of me but there’s the fence uh oh 😄
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