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  1. Can see the water level rising in our pool, so these amounts from our weather station seem accurate.
  2. Hearing fairly robust sleet hitting the skylights. Just started.
  3. Power out in Blue Bell. Howling something fierce outside. Pressure now 29.50. Sounds as bad as any thunderstorm we’ve had in the past few years. Makes me wonder what nights like these must’ve been like before electricity, reliable shelter and high tech cold weather gear. Most of us are whimps compared to our ancestors. Even compared to our grandparents!
  4. In the past hour flurries began and have turned into a steady, accumulating snowfall. Temp drop from 29 to 26. Now accumulating on salted neighborhood street.
  5. At least 1.5" in Blue Bell this morning as of 7:30. Still snowing--what I would call heavy flurries. Enough to continue accumulating on cars, driveway, untreated side streets.
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