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  1. Ha! But only if I'm on the second floor. If I look out the window from the first floor it's all rain!
  2. Flakes juuuuust starting to mix in in Merion.
  3. Can't speak to the state of your mind, but can say it's allllll still rain in Merion. 😄 😢
  4. Since they're coming on the back end of a storm that gave a glimpse of beauty and then yanked it cruelly away, I'm gonna consider these (in Merion) to be not pity flakes but I'm sorry flakes. Or oops flakes. Or maybe lulz made ya look neener neener flakes.
  5. Pure armchair guesstimate says about 2 inches in Merion. Refuse to go out and mar the loveliness for a measurement. If it's gotta be fleeting, it's nice that it's super picturesque in the meanwhile!
  6. On Christmas I felt excitement turn to dread as I opened a large, enticing box that proved to contain a pair of snowshoes. My apologies to everyone if my well-meaning family screwed us all for the next ten years! (which is to say, not a flake in Merion.) (am debating whether it's worth driving these snowshoes over to south jersey just to make a point to the Powers That Be!)
  7. The voice of my inner five-year-old just squealed "YAAAAAYYYYY!!!! THIS thread!!!!"
  8. There was a lot of discussion in this thread about the NWS warn/watch/advise system. Thought some folks might find this interesting. https://www.washingtonpost.com/weather/2021/09/16/flash-flood-response-research-warnings/ (Obviously, the only part I'm interested in is the self-congratulatory point that, ah, yes, experts agree with me that the terms themselves need some fixing. 😄 )
  9. Ugh. The idea that they're thinking of *only* using watch and warning drives me nuts. It feels like an example of people using language that works in *their* world without considering the wider context... Which is kinda important if your goal is communication... Of hazardous conditions... I follow weather pretty closely, but it still takes me a moment to remember which is more pressing. Does a watch mean that the nws folks are watching general conditions? Or does it mean that *I* need to keep my eyes peeled for immediate hazards? Does a warning mean that they're generally saying something cou
  10. Or change the terms. Having two words that take about the same space on a screen, aren't obviously ranked (one scarier than the other), and start with the same two letters seems like an own goal.
  11. I've been thinking about this for two days. My mom works for Temple, which canceled its Wednesday classes at *8 PM Wednesday* and held all its classes as usual on Thursday (except at Ambler). Spent an hour helping her figure out the best route to get to Temple... and then, predictably, half her students weren't there because *they* couldn't get there either, what with SEPTA being impacted. Temple gives lots of lip service to being a good corporate citizen, but when push comes to shove they want their community to be clogging the roads when a day on Zoom wouldn't kill anyone. There needs to
  12. Are there rainfall total lists for storms like this the way there are for snowstorms? (I ask, nervous that my brain will explode since, well, daaaaamn ... the numbers all y'all are posting would be very cozy snow numbers!)
  13. In this {expletive deleted} of a year, this winter has been a *joy* through and through. Enough shoveling to feel like I'm alive. And enough new snow to get to really know where every mouse and bunny and fox has been in the woods! I usually hate February (there's a Dar Williams line that "February was so long that it lasted into March" which... accurate), but I'm going to be sorry to see this one go. (which... isn't to say I'd turn down another storm or two, dear weather gods... Just to see what the foxes are doing.)
  14. This whole day has been Dang, I did not know that there was such a thing as a sheep-shaker, but apparently some wonderful fool is just been shaking it like mad and seasoning the whole area with a billion and a half big, fluffy sheep! What glory!
  15. Awww. Sleet in Merion. Boo. Weeelllll. Sleet with a bit of snow mixed in sometimes.
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