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  1. On the havertown upper darby west Philly border on township line road in that warning heavier rain nothing crazy …..a little bit of wind skies black to the west tho …
  2. Sitting on the beach in north wildwood just had 2 large claps of thunder sky's are ominous rain inching closer from the radar the ocean is starting to rip here and my beer is cold !
  3. Hey guys checking in from north wildwood heavy thunderstorms this morning surf slowly built today had my surfing kids in this afternoon I of course kept a watchful eye (former lifeguard college swimmer current triathlete so I’m very comfortable in the water and safe ) but I pulled them out at high tide they are still young my older 3 are 10-9-8 my 5 year old was banned noticeable rips started at high tide watching the board closely thank you! I have a few properties that need attention if things go down hill enjoy your Friday night guys!!
  4. Just had a torrential downpour in havertown Delco Headed to secure my rentals in north wildwood shortly looks like it may be a bumpy few hours down there tonight
  5. Hail in Upper Darby Delaware county in that cell
  6. It’s a 10 here at the shore ...(10 beer afternoon)
  7. Hope there is no sleet line rushing towards you heisy...
  8. Rain and sleet mix has changed to wet snow in havertown Delco
  9. Can’t decide what it wants to do here back and forth rain to snow this winter was the year of the changeover and banding here in Delco ....
  10. Havertown Delco Back to heavy snow after a rain sleet mix for a bit
  11. Heavy snow in havertown mix line on the doorstep though
  12. https://weather.cod.edu/satrad/nexrad/?parms=DIX-N0C-1-24-100-usa-rad Great question looks like the warm layer is localized and eroded back and forth with the banding but I’m sure the experts here would know more about it
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