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  1. Hope there is no sleet line rushing towards you heisy...
  2. Rain and sleet mix has changed to wet snow in havertown Delco
  3. Can’t decide what it wants to do here back and forth rain to snow this winter was the year of the changeover and banding here in Delco ....
  4. Havertown Delco Back to heavy snow after a rain sleet mix for a bit
  5. Heavy snow in havertown mix line on the doorstep though
  6. https://weather.cod.edu/satrad/nexrad/?parms=DIX-N0C-1-24-100-usa-rad Great question looks like the warm layer is localized and eroded back and forth with the banding but I’m sure the experts here would know more about it
  7. Welcome to The life of us city slickers... back to mostly heavy snow havertown Delco
  8. All snow(knocking on wood) as the heavy band moves into havertown Delco looking impressive so far
  9. Very heavy snow to start in Upper Darby /Havertown area went to a light sleet snow mix in the past 90 minutes trying to go back to snow as we speak less pingers
  10. Light rain/sleet mix In the heart of Upper Darby Delco ...28 degrees
  11. Steady light snow in havertown more coverage on the street than super bowl Sunday already
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