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  1. Stealing from Forest Gump, weather is a box of chocolates and sometimes they suck unless you cheat and poke a hole in it.
  2. We are turning into a bunch of whimps. Emergency declarations in New Jersey and Philly for 4 inches of snow? Good thing these people weren't around in the 50's and 60's.
  3. The EE rule is not in effect, NAM is way south of the Euro. Eagles live to fight another day!
  4. Everybody is wishing for a storm to track and argue about. Enjoy New Years Eve while we patiently wait. Happy New Year.
  5. Give it a decade and we'll be the new Carolinas.
  6. Played yesterday in a Ryder Cup format - 9 holes better ball, 9 holes alternate shot, 9 holes singles (two man teams). When the squall line hit, it got nuts pretty quickly. I got the feeing that the golf gods were giving us a taste of what playing in Scotland weather is really all about.
  7. Nice half moon at dusk and beyond with crystal clear sky tonight Take a peek.
  8. Since I had a 39 on the back nine, I am more optimistic about the winter. Even though Tom the bomb couldn't join us, it ws great time. What a great group of guys we have. Happy holidays to all.
  9. Since the Mt. Holy is calling it a Miller B situation, we all know the that there is a high degree of volatility for total precipitation amounts. But the Euro has been consistently - bombs away.
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