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  1. With the flow aloft and the PNA going in the tank, it seems generous. Will be booking tees times
  2. We are going to be awash in a zonal PAC flow. Good luck with snowstorms.
  3. Eagle Ridge was once a quarry for the little orange/brown pebbles you see on many shore house property. Good course. One nine is so far away from the clubhouse that you need a cart to get there. But it is the best nine .I know what you are talking about the future development but it would be politically incorrect to mention the responsible party.
  4. I glad your wife has some sense. Ellie was a good choice. Happy New Year dude.
  5. The 800 pound gorilla in the room. The latest Australia Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) analysis of conditions in the equatorial Pacific Ocean suggests that the La Nina event now in place may be close to its highest intensity, with ocean conditions possibly moving away from La Nina to the classification of ENSO-neutral by March 2021.
  6. Perfect weather to observe the 'Cold' full moon. Enjoy!
  7. I hope this isn't all bullsh@t. Generator and wires are in place. Chased daughter in law to a more secure location.
  8. Even with a huge Atlantic block, there will be no joy in Mudville.
  9. We are on the way to get 20" as predicted by the golf team, may be a little over?

    1. Rainshadow5.8




      Remember you single handedly saved the winter


    2. Harbourton


      I can only dream I had that power. However we may get a bit on Xmas with the arctic front. Meanwhile happy holidays to you and yours. Your enthusiasm keeps me going. Here's a toast to Ray, Chubbs, and Tombo and Irish Rob. Keep on rockin' in the free world.

  10. May be this Christmas will feel like a real Christmas for change.
  11. Cuomo shuts down all NYC restaurants without scientific validation. I hope that Murphy doesn't mirror.
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