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  1. Actual forecasted precipitation is not that excessive.
  2. LA and Mississippi are going to get deluged over the weekend from a TD or tropical storm. It's already wet there.
  3. At least this is developing in the SW GOM. I was worried that the Caribbean Gyre that 's prevalent this time of year would pop a storm in the further south where the Ssts are rocket fuel.
  4. Interesting that beer has overtaken wine as being perceived as cool. Just an observation.
  5. Just a quick question from a rank amateur. Why does the TUTT form in the Atlantic and what effect does it have on the tropical season.
  6. My wife researched on the internet and used old coffee grounds. Lo and behold it worked. They don't like caffeine.
  7. Not sure where to put this but anyway. I have been selected to be a virtual juror in Mercer County. Should be interesting on Zoom.
  8. The "new NWS radar presentation is a bust.' It's slow. It's not as usable a the old version. I will use Weather Underground.
  9. We are going to crush the 1901 low max record here. Had a nice bowl of HOT soup for lunch.
  10. I've heard they taste like chicken.👀
  11. What do you do for slugs in lettuce?
  12. The mob scene at the 18th hole was a result of pent up energy from being locked up for over a year. Congrats to Phil and for giving us old guys some hope. The fans were great! It looked like the finishing hole at St. Andrews at the end of British Open.
  13. Euro isn't advertising much rain in the next ten days.
  14. What's the over and under for the first heat wave. Heat Wave A period of abnormally and uncomfortably hot and unusually humid weather. Typically a heat wave lasts two or more days. I'm in for 6/09.
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