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  1. Koepka and DeChambeau hugging! Who would have thought. Congrats to Dustin who went 5-0.
  2. Ryder Cup Welcome to the new age. A crushing victory for USA. That what was sports is all about.
  3. The scary thing is that we have far surpassed the duration of the Spanish Flu which until now was the worst pandemic. My question is why does this virus seem to live on with all its variants? Are there other variables not considered?
  4. The real question is how long the MRNA vaccines keep the average healthy person out of the hospital. The FDA had people quit over this question.
  5. President of Moderna admitted that they do not have enough data to make a call on a third shot.
  6. Not being political, but science is science. They are ignoring the immunity people have after having had the virus.
  7. i have seen too many stories about people with legitimate reasons not to be vaccinated. They paint with too broad a brush. What about people that have had Covid and have resistance eight times the population that were vaccinated. Yet everybody must be vaccinated. It's pretty obvious what's going on don't you Mr. Jones?
  8. I'm sorry but I will not be able to attend the festivities. To make a long story short, an ongoing tournament at Peddie has taken a wrong turn and because working people can't play on the weekdays it becomes obvious. Enjoy the day!
  9. The only shot that matters is the next one.
  10. Pro at Peddie Golf Course shot a 65 with two lip outs!!!
  11. Ready for some good company while enjoying (hopefully) phenomenal weather. The winter forecast is not far way. Ida in this area was very scary. See you guys soon.
  12. Nothing compared to John McEnroe
  13. Eye so far is not clear which would indicate a really strong storm. Looks like some dry air entraining on the east side.
  14. Bryce had a shot at a 59 for the first time on a course over 7400 yards. Played too much break on a left to righter on the last hole. But 60 isn't too shabby.
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