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  1. Yeah I got some glaciers too. When the next ice age comes, the glaciation will spread out from the snow piles of shopping center parking lots.
  2. Mostly rain in West Philly, about an inch of slop on the sidewalks and shoulders. I chose this day to drive downtown for an appointment.
  3. Seems to have stopped in Elkins Park. The last few inches was like shoveling granulated sugar.
  4. As of 1:55 pm, still miserable stinging heavy sleet in Elkins Park. Not fun to sled in
  5. Steady sleet in Elkins Park in Eastern Montco.
  6. I just remember how hard that snow was on your face. The high winds really made it sting. I was living in Center City then and even walking around sucked because the snow was so high. Eventually me and my housemates pitched in to dig out our block (700 block of Kater) by hand because I believe the city told people on the side streets that they were on their own. I think my work (Temple U) was closed for like a week.
  7. Finally got a clear view around sunset. Altho they have diverged and are low in they sky, they were both in the same field of view of the 32mm lens on my telescope. Now I have to learn how to do astrophotography.
  8. So is there a thread for the "great conjunction" of Jupiter and Saturn tonight. So far the forecast looks cloudy. May not get a peek till tomorrow night.
  9. The scene from Elkins Park. Street in distance is Route 73
  10. Sun in Elkins Park as the wind resumes after a lull
  11. In Elkins Park, Eastern Montco, winds just starting to pick up here.
  12. In Elkins Park, eastern montco just a constant rumble of thunder with no break. Honestly not sure I have ever heard anything like it.
  13. So if I am understanding, your question is about how the logistics of antibody testing will work. There are two things to consider. 1) testing on an individual level to make sure one has anitbodies and is therefore presumably immune and not contagious. This could be rolled out gradually, first to health care workers/first responders, then to others (grocery store workers? other essential employees?). Potentially this could be rolled out en masse -- at doctors' offices, motor vehicle registration, polling places, wherever. A huge task, no doubt. 2) This would be coupled with statistical
  14. Heavy snow and 31 in Elkins Park. 611 snow covered up to Willow Grove Home Depot. (My first post by the way- long time lurker, love this forum)
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