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  1. I’ve had bacterial leaf scorch take out two oak trees in my yard and I have a third treated every year. Perhaps that’s what you are dealing with? https://extension.psu.edu/bacterial-leaf-scorch
  2. Hit pretty hard around 3:45 with heavy rain. Visibility was less than 1/8 of a mile for ten minutes or so. Picked-up .4” in 15 minutes.
  3. Steady rain, hoping for a couple of downpours to push the dead cicadas from the roadway gutter into the storm drains. Yes... there are that many here and at times I catch a whiff of them. With so many yet to die and 90+ heat next week a good cleaning will help.
  4. Final - 2.3” for combined 3 days. Guess I won’t need to water for a while. 🤓 44F
  5. 44F. 1.8 total event, light rain currently.
  6. Lantern flies I believe. May they all meet a quick death!!
  7. 1.3” storm total. 46F. Lots of min high temp records going to get smoked today. Also wondering if the cicada population takes a major hit.
  8. I’m just going to hope dew points stay below 70. Probably a fantasy, but one can dream...
  9. That sucks Tony. I haven’t seen any lantern flies in Princeton yet. The cicadas seem to do very little damage thus far. I am concerned that when they die they may smell pretty bad. This has been a truly fascinating experience. I have thousands on my property alone.
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