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  1. As Tom said, we are really going to need the PNA+ to go poleward to get much out of this. I'd also like to see the axis of the ridge and eastern trough shift west some. As is today the trough in the east would seem to provide OTS solutions for anything coming up the coast. Long way to go.
  2. 1.25 at 1:30 PM. Since the beginning of July it seems like almost the rain we’ve received has been associated its tropical moisture. 80-90%? I think we’d be in some level of drought without the tropics. p.s. What a crap year for convection.
  3. Tony, I’ve often wondered about Cape May National. Did you like it? Play it often?
  4. The weed I have the most trouble with is violet. The only thing that works for me is virtually digging them out when the lawn is damp. I’ve realized if you don’t get the mother, you’re wasting your time. Any herbicide suggestions?
  5. I remember the 2/24/89 non-event. Pre-internet waiting for Elliot Abrams to come on KYW with updates at the top of the hour waiting for the snow to start only to hear him throw in the towel while Hammonton south and east got crushed. Weenie heartbroken
  6. That’s what I figured. So the closer the temp is to the dew point, the heavier the dew, or are P W values a factor?
  7. I have a mix of winter annual weed preventer mixed with fertilizer that is best applied to wet grass. I have to apply it soon because it works best with air temps above 60. It also should not be applied when rain is forthcoming. For me that leaves today out. So, I’m looking to apply it tomorrow or Thursday morning to take advantage af a day or two of relative warmth. My question is... How can I know if there will be dew, and if so, how much? Thanks!!
  8. Most mammals hibernate in Winter. Heisy prefers Summer hibernation. 😊
  9. I’ve put down seed this late and been OK. Probably depends on when we get our first hard frost/freeze.
  10. Tom, thanks for the good write-up. Something to pay attention to as we move beyond Thanksgiving. It’s certainly clear we will have a Nina base state but pointing out what might add to the mix is great for a novice like me. Anything that supports a PNA+ I’ll be happy with.
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