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  1. Here is West Philly it sort of looks like a 50/50 mix of sleet and snow. Sort of hard to tell from my window.
  2. Had about 4.5 inches before changeover. The changeover to sleet happened very quick here. It went from 100% snow to now pretty much all sleet in the space of 5 minutes.
  3. A video I took about 30 minutes ago in West Philly IMG_5401.MOV
  4. Closing in on 4 inches here in West Philly in University City. Not really hearing any sleet yet, but the flakes are humongous so I'm sure it's coming soon.
  5. He posted a tweet saying there would be no video since he was traveling or something like that, and to refer to local NWS guidance
  6. Hey all, Long time lurker, but save for a few times back several years ago (with a different profile) I've never posted. But I couldn't resist because I wanted to show some slo-mo videos I took of the lightning last night cause I was super geeking out about it and thought you would too. The first video lasted approximately 1 second in real time, while the second video lasted ~2 seconds in real time. I got cheated out of the rain but at least I got some good lightning vids! I've attached a radar image of the approximate time I took these videos. I hope you all enjoy the videos as much as I
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