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  1. Over the years I’ve learned to calm it down,lol…this winter really really is making me want to throw out hands with my old self 😂😂
  2. Oh stop it,this is the best winter ever!!!😂
  3. Yea ,they said 3-5 for Newtown PA…They musta been drunk🍻
  4. Alright,im heading for that ledge,no coming back now…..weeeee here we go!!!!!
  5. That ledge is looking very very tempting
  6. Tom enjoying laughing it up,while we get rain,lol…this forum is absolutely awesome out of all seriousness !💯
  7. Mitch Is this what you are asking for? Sorry if it’s the wrong map
  8. I’m a lil north of you (Newtown) Funny you said cliff jumping,I looked at the radar before you said that and went oh boy
  9. Yea I noticed that bubble SE PA, 95 corridor is in. I’ll be happy with an hr of heavy snow
  10. Happy New Year, I tried looking up what an axis shift is but I figured I asked you if you don’t mind.
  11. Where would we like that trough? Further east so it can dig or do I have that opposite?
  12. I was wondering if it would loop back into phase 6.Amazing what happens in the Philippines disturbs the pattern for us. That typhoon happened a bit ago and still were feeling the effects. Really appreciate you guys explaining how and why things are going the way they are!
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