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  1. Good point there. And yes I should have used the full history, here's the correct chart instead.
  2. That's actually pretty shocking to me, I've always thought of August being nearly on the same level as July in terms of heat. Doing some quick digging there are only a handful of days in the entire month where it has reached 100 (top of the red line). I always assumed without looking it was many more than that.
  3. Another pleasant morning, still around 65 currently. Honestly feels kind of bizarre to be able to open the windows this time of year and feel a refreshing breeze come in, besides the fact that we're in the heart of meteorological summer we're also close enough to the ocean that we get influenced by the warm Atlantic temps which typically stops lows from dropping too far and keeping it muggy. Enjoying this nice reprieve until the heat returns.
  4. Not sure if I'll ever forget watching the local live coverage of that Ewing / Trenton tornado yesterday. Still pretty stunned that this all happened without much sunshine or warmth (only a high of 78 at Trenton yesterday), so I can't imagine what it would have been like otherwise. I remember back in 2016, I saw an article written by Jeff Frame (a professor at the University of Illinois) analyzing a surprise tornado outbreak around Indiana (linked it below). There ended up being around 35 tornado reports. The analysis went through the severe parameters leading up to the event and even duri
  5. I wonder had we gone without the showers and clouds this morning, if that would have been enough for SPC to put us in a Moderate Risk. I think that has happened before on very rare occasions, I've never seen it personally though.
  6. I like using the 1-minute imagery for a lot of situations but especially for days like today. Seems like the best clearing will be from latitudes around Dover, DE on southward. North of there will be more iffy thanks to clouds. https://rammb.cira.colostate.edu/ramsdis/online/loop.asp?data_folder=goes-16/mesoscale_01_band_02_sector_05&width=1000&height=1000&number_of_images_to_display=40&loop_speed_ms=80
  7. Been super busy the last couple days so I couldn't track this event closely, but someone captured this hail photo maybe 5 miles from my house. Can someone explain what parameters were in place that allowed for the hail to get so large? I would appreciate it, it's just that it's rare to get hail of any size down here but to see hail that large is almost unheard of. Wasn't sure if it was due to CAPE, shear, etc.
  8. Widespread 76-80 degree dew points. No I do not like that.
  9. Interesting footage here. What sticks out to me is how the winds initially are blowing directly away from the camera, then quick veer 90 degrees to the right before the video cuts off
  10. Looks like part of the region got bumped up to a slight risk for today
  11. Didn't end up with any damage or anything here, it got pretty windy for a 10-20 minute stretch but I'd say maybe 35mph tops, nothing like Isaias last year. I was on the southern tip of a tornado warning at one point, you can see here there was a fairly weak area of rotation just east of Port Republic and a little stronger one just west of Beach Haven. Ironically at this exact minute there was a 71mph gust reported 2 miles SSW of Beach Haven (probably the Rutgers marine station out on the bay).
  12. Peak Elsa approaching, tornado warning currently just south of me and I'm looking at these 2 areas headed pretty much right for me 👀 next hour or so might be wild
  13. I saw some of the pictures around there, pretty impressive! One of the local mets mentioned it was largest hailstone recorded in NJ since at least 2005.
  14. Thank you! Also regarding the tornado risk - meso models suggest the window for tornadoes is around midnight to 4AM. Tornadoes at any point of the day are uncommon in this region, but in the middle of the night is even more rare. Might be a good idea from a communication standpoint for the public to know their "safe spot" in the house before they go to bed tomorrow night in case a tornado warning does pop up.
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