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  1. Dr. Gottlieb in my opinion has been one of the few doctors with a media presence who has consistent messaging, while avoiding fear-mongering and instead just telling it like it is (good or bad). Today I was pleasantly surprised to hear him dedicate several minutes to say that indoor mask mandates should be ending soon in many spots around the country. Frankly I thought we were still 2-3 weeks away from having that discussion, but considering 1. how quickly case rates are dropping (45k nationally last Saturday to 34k yesterday), 2. Vaccinations already taken (44% of U.S. adults fully vacci
  2. 0.4° low difference for January, way less than I thought 😳 thanks for finding!
  3. Interesting, I'd like to know what the January monthly average low was before. If I can recall the coldest climo at PHL was a 38 / 21 hi / low before this update, so having 26 as a low for the whole month seems like a jump of at least 2 or 3 degrees, which would be pretty significant in just 10 years.
  4. Nearly 48 hours post-2nd Pfizer, feeling basically back to normal. Minor chills, minor headache, but that was about it. Bye-bye Covid!
  5. I'm not old enough to be able to make that comparison lol, but I'll never forget this viral video from Millville in 2018. That April was 4 degrees below average at PHL, struggled to even hit 70 most days, then the first few days of May were around 90 and the pollen literally all came out at once which led to this. Never seen anything like it.
  6. Basically a 40-50% drop in most areas, nice 👍 On top of that, NJ reporting just 880 cases today, first time under 1000 since October.
  7. 32 days of 90+ 10 tornado warnings 1st freeze on November 1st
  8. Great trends here for NJ. It's fair to say we will see localized areas of herd immunity (natural + vaccines) before we get there on a national level, even though the national case numbers themselves have been faring better recently. The faster-vaccinating states seem to have hit an inflection point while the slower-vaccinating states haven't quite reached one yet. This should be a fun month to watch the numbers tumble. Now if only that new beer rule could be made retroactive before May!
  9. Forget the 80s club, damn near got to the 90s club
  10. Random, but I was not expecting to see this much of a dew point gradient across the state. However the 3km NAM shows nicely the southerly winds pushing higher dews into the region during the morning.
  11. 63mph gust at ACY about 5 miles south of me. I was in a relative "weak spot" and only had 35-40mph gusts but still got some pea-sized hail. Nice little event overall
  12. Regardless of how we may feel about Dr. Fauci (there are plenty of opinions - he has not been perfect, contrary to many popular beliefs), I'm not sure his statement will really apply to a real-world setting. Israel has been in the news quite a bit for how well they've been vaccinating, so let's look at their data. So far about 62% of their population has received the first dose (and I believe around 55% are fully vaccinated). Israel is averaging 18 new cases per million people while the U.S. still has a rate about 11 times higher. My point is that case counts in the U.S. should fall an ex
  13. It appears that New York City may be the first place in the U.S. where vaccines plus natural infection immunity are starting to get close to the herd immunity threshold. Both cases and hospitalizations there are dropping pretty noticeably (with the caveat that the most recent several days may have a reporting lag). Logically it makes sense given how NYC has basically been the epicenter for infection since the pandemic began, there is probably a ton of natural immunity in the city. Might be too early in Spring for seasonality to be the sole cause of these declines. Over the next few weeks
  14. I originally had a J&J appointment scheduled around 10AM this morning...what are the odds? Luckily I booked another appt. for Pfizer tomorrow evening so I can't be too mad. I was just looking forward to being fully immune by the end of the month, but it is what it is. We will get out of this.
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